Are the Beckhams finally moving to Chipping Norton?

Some time ago we published an article reflecting speculation that the Beckhams were looking to move to the Cotswolds and had purchased a grade 2 listed barn conversion. There was no official confirmation of the purchase but speculation has intensified over the last few weeks that the celebrity family are on their way to the Cotswolds. It is common knowledge that the Beckhams have been looking for a property since last year after David’s career in the US football league came to an end. Have the Beckhams finally found a place to settle down?

Property under renovation

It is common knowledge that the barn complex acquired by David and Victoria Beckham is currently being renovated with estimates that it will cost around £2 million. There has been intense security around the buildings since the renovations began and you can see from a distance the two glass extensions which will connect the three main barns. The properties themselves were said to have been sold for around £5 million back in January although until the Beckhams actually move in nobody can be certain!

There is intense speculation that the renovations will create one extended property with nine bedrooms for the Beckhams and their four children. While this is a far cry from the £24 million Californian mansion and the family’s £31.5 million West London mansion, it does take them away from the hustle and bustle of the capital.

Local celebrity lifestyle

The new Beckham family home is just a short distance from the Soho Farmhouse which offers an exclusive experience for the rich and famous. This is the venue where Prince Harry was said to have taken his current girlfriend for a romantic break. The Cotswolds has become the go to place for celebrities looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of London.

The Soho Farmhouse is a 100 acre site which offers 40 purpose-built cabins, refurbished cottages and honeystone barns all of which boast the latest mod cons. Dubbed “Hotel Smug” and “Butlins for the Toffs” you can have your mojitos delivered direct to your doorstep via “retro milk floats”. We also have the customary yoga sessions, horse riding and a night-time social scene which offers everything.

Property investments

David Beckham has a history of impressive investments not only in the UK property market but also overseas. Many will remember his initial investment in “Beckingham Palace” which was sold for £11.5 million banking an impressive £9 million profit. They have since gone on to acquire numerous properties in the US, London and now the Cotswolds. David Beckham has made the most of his high-profile football career and where property is involved it seems that everything he touches turns to gold.

We await official confirmation of the Cotswold property acquisition but the amount of security and the ongoing work would suggest the Beckham family are already packing their bags. As their children grow up perhaps they have decided it is time to get away from the hectic London lifestyle to a more sedate and enjoyable experience in the countryside. However, in many ways the new Beckham neighbourhood still boasts the same celebrity lifestyle but perhaps a little more privacy?

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