Manchester City star David Silva selling his Gran Canaria villa

David Silva is a God amongst Manchester City fans and he is well recompensed with a very lucrative contract with his club. It would appear that some of this money has been invested in a holiday home which has now been put on the market for a price of €1.1 million. This Gran Canaria property has three bedrooms and as you would expect from a well-paid football star no expense has been spared with the interior decor!

What do you get for €1.1 million?

This Gran Canaria property has been regularly used by David Silva when looking to chill out in the close season. While the life of a football star is seemingly well compensated there is intense pressure through the season now and it is no surprise that the likes of David Silva look to places such as Gran Canaria for their relaxation time. So, we know this property has three bedrooms but what else do you get for €1.1 million?

This is not your stereotypical holiday home as you will see by just checking out the shape of the building. It is a luxury villa with a large outdoor area, private swimming pool, sun terrace and a large balcony which allows you to enjoy some breathtaking sunsets. However, these are all elements you would expect of a luxury holiday home….

Unique design

To say the shape of the property is unique is something on understatement with large outdoor areas on the top floor and to the side of the first floor. The ground floor is dominated by large windows which flood the property with an array of natural light. The property itself is surrounded by what looks like artificial grass which is quite amusing because this is the bane of a footballer’s life!

The swimming pool is long and narrow with a sunbed area towards the bottom offering privacy and the opportunity to catch some of the famous Gran Canaria rays. So this is why footballers come back from their summer breaks looking tanned, refreshed and relaxed.

Living room

It would be fair to say that furniture in the living room is minimalistic with a sofa, table and chairs which complement the light wooden floor. The views from the table are amazing from either side offering the chance to socialise out of the blistering heat and maybe take a dip in the pool to cool off.


The kitchen is an all-white affair and does catch your eye although it must be something of a nightmare to keep clean! If you look carefully you can see all of the mod cons you would expect in a modern kitchen with comfortable seating along the breakfast bar/preparation area. What strikes you about this property and the kitchen in particular is the great use of the space available to incorporate as much equipment as possible while maintaining the open plan look and feel of the property.

Spacious, modern with an array of natural light

These words just about sum up this modern and stylish holiday home in what is a beautiful area of the world and a great place to catch some rays. This is one of those properties it is difficult to compare and contrast against others because the shape is unique as is the layout. David Silva has obviously invested wisely in this property and should have no problems selling it on for the €1.1 million asking price.

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