Overseas buyers returning to South of France property market

Buyers return to South of France

The property market in the South of France has seen an increase flurry of activity so far in 2011 as buyers from around the world return to this popular second home location, according to specialists in the region’s real estate market.

Home Hunts, an English-speaking specialist that searches for dream homes, said buyers are attracted by France being a stable place to live and buy property. It has buyers coming from the UK, Benelux, Scandinavia, Switzerland and Russia with also some buyers from the Middle East and China.

‘So far 2011 is looking great for the South of France as people are looking for stable places to invest their money and the Riviera is certainly one of those destinations. Some 300 days of sun and the Alps on the doorstep makes it a rare holiday destination which is actually visited all year round, not to mention the year round congresses and festivals in Cannes and Monaco,’ said director Tim Swannie.

Provence has also become extremely popular particularly with English clients in 2011. ‘We have had a wide range of clients from young city bankers who are looking for a peaceful haven to escape the stresses of day to day work, through to retired couples who want to spend their twilight years in the sunshine,’ he explained.

‘We believe prices will remain stable as more and more English, Dutch and Scandinavians are showing interest in this stunning area,’ he added.

Home Hunts has made searching for an overseas property easier by placing its 6,000 strong portfolio onto the mobile iPhone application to help those on the move and overseas to plan their property search visit efficiently.

Swannie said that the French Riviera has the glitz and glamour rivalled by few places on earth which is driven by the Cannes Film Festival and the hotspots of St Tropez and Monaco but out of the peak season the region offers many alternatives for property buyers and visitors returning year after year.

‘Early springtime is not only a good time to search for a property in France but also for homeowners to enjoy the full extent of what the region offers in terms of lifestyle,’ he added.

The latest figures from Century 21, one of France’s biggest real estate agents, show that in the last 12 months property prices in Provence have increased 7.75%. Only Paris, Poitou Charentes and Languedoc Roussillon have seen higher increases.

3 Responses to “Overseas buyers returning to South of France property market”

  1. the market is awash with property that have beeen on the market for years and years there is no up turn this is absolute rubbish you should be ashamed

  2. Simon Oliver

    I'm not sure that there are more British buying than, say, 10 years ago, but I do know that they are becoming much more choosy about the sort of property they buy. A lot more people are looking for a property with a letting unit already in place (a gite or flat in the grounds) that will ensure a basic income to cover taxes, rates etc. Or they will want a house big enough to act as a B&B if need be.

  3. We have a property in our garden suitable for rental as a Gite. Does that mean we could sell it easily?
    A house in the South of France, Aude Abri underfloor heating EDF


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