Live in your own home Disney style chateau

Situated just outside the city of Poitiers in central west France, this restored 19th-century chateau looks and feels like the place where a Disney Princess of Prince would live. Set over 29 hectares of land and including more than 900 m² of living space, spread across four levels, this really is something very special. The property is currently for sale at around €5.5 million (approximately $8.2 million) and while not cheap it is difficult to see it lasting very long before it is snapped up.

The grounds

It is not difficult to see where the connection with a Disney style property comes into play when you look at the tall turrets, the style and colour of the property not to mention the immaculately manicured gardens. We can only imagine what the views must be like from the ground, first, second and third floors of this magnificent property.

The chateau itself has been renovated to the highest standard possible and consists of an entrance hall, double reception, dining room, heated conservatory and currently has five bedrooms with ensuite bath/shower rooms as well as a guesthouse. The fact that the number of bedrooms could be doubled by reusing different rooms shows the massive potential for this property.

The outside life

For those who enjoy the views in the fresh air there is a luxury gazebo area, beautiful heated conservatory and then we have the stylish swimming pool and areas where you can relax and catch the sun. The fact that the outskirts and much of the garden are adorned with tall trees and shrubbery ensures a high degree of privacy from prying eyes and the paparazzi. Perfect for a celebrity real estate investor?

Dining area

The whole property is adorned with high-quality furniture and an array of different styled seats. The formal dining area is a more modern affair with a glass table, contemporary chairs as well as an array of contemporary artwork on the walls. The expensive looking chandelier also adds to the character and style of this room which is classic with a contemporary twist.

Kitchen area

The kitchen area is very different to what you might expect with everything fitted and many of the utensils and equipment shielded from the naked eye. It does have the stereotypical kitchen island but this is more functional, although made from very expensive material, than many we see in celebrity properties.

Bedrooms and bathrooms

The bedrooms are extremely large and very spacious and interestingly, both the bedrooms and the ensuite bathrooms all have an unique style of decor. It is not hard to see that a lot of thought has gone into this property both in the way it is structured, the way it looks on the outside and the array of different decor within. For those who like to relax there is a private cinema area with a large TV screen.

In the basement

For many people their basement is just an area to store unwanted belongings but when you have a multimillion dollar chateau you need to make full use of all available ground space. Therefore, in what many will see as the icing on the cake, there is yet another swimming pool in the basement and areas to relax and get away from it all.

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