Book review: Property Investment for Beginners

Property Investment for Beginners

Property Investment for Beginners

Property Investment for Beginners is a 115 page book written by Rob Dix which is available for the Kindle. The book has an array of customer reviews on Amazon with 25 reviewers out of 30 giving the book a five-star rating which obviously bodes very well for the content. Rather than taking the tell you all approach to property investment the Property Investment for Beginners actually prompts you to question what you should be asking, what information you require and where to get it.

There are a number of different sections which cover specific areas of property investment which include: –

Maximising your skills

This book will teach you how to pick an investment strategy which perfectly maximises your skills and also your goals. The fact is that we all possess many different skills, many different ambitions and we will have specific strengths in specific areas. These strengths can be perfectly utilised in the many areas of the property market open to investors and this is the perfect start.

Three calculations to confirm the deal

The online reviews of this book offers an intriguing look at “three calculations you need to know to size up any deal” which could be very useful to those who prefer basic information and statistical pointers. It is the fact the book starts from the very basics and moves up to the more adventurous side of the market which makes it appealing across the board.

Investment approaches

While there are vastly greater risks associated with investing for short-term gain in the real estate market the fact is that some people are prepared to take these extra risks. The majority of us will look longer term and perhaps use pension fund money or other long-term investment funding. The book covers everything from the most “boring” of investments to those on the edge of feasible, acceptable and more risky.

Leveraging your funds

The buy to let arena is full of investors who have overleveraged there funding, lost their properties and fallen by the wayside, although there are relatively safe ways you can leverage your funds. Looking at sustainable long-term investment in the property market has proved very fruitful for many people and maximising your investment funds without undue risk is a vital element of any investor strategy.

Bottom-up approach

While many property books available today will spoon feed you particular ideas, particular trends and in many ways effectively make up your mind for you, the Property Investment for Beginners book is not like this. It prompts you to ask yourself what information you require, how to maximise your investment funding safely as well as mixing in some relatively simple calculations to guide you along the way.

For those who have yet to venture onto the property investment ladder the feedback from online reviews suggest this is the perfect place to start and will give you much food for thought. Sometimes it is good to get back to basics, to have guidelines in front of you and create your own questionnaire you should complete for each potential investment.

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