Why should investors turn towards Slovakia for their next property investment?

Central and Eastern Europe is a great place

Central and Eastern Europe is making a comeback for real estate investors. Because of the European market, here in both Central and Eastern Europe, they are also benefiting from their status as some of the world’s most transparent, stable and open markets. After years in the economic period, the region’s return to sustained growth, which began last year, has further helped boost interest and investment. Slovakia offers great investment opportunities. European markets enjoyed an amazing year of 2017, attracting the largest share of global real estate investment volumes for the first time since 2010.The strength of the region is reflected in latest Investment rankings which can be seen in European cities account as the seventh in the world’s top 10 markets, and 12 of the top 30.

In a challenging new environment, with reduced opportunities for Investing in a new country always opens up many options and opportunities. Slovakia, and especially Zemplínska Šírava lake as an excellent and unique lakeside location, it is growing to be more and more popular by international clients. It will be a new and exclusive holiday spot and certainly feels like the centre of the world. CEE Real Estate Group invests in real estate projects for their investors in this area.

Why should investors turn towards Slovakia for their next property investment?

Zemplínska Šírava as a First-line lake development project

Zemplínska Šírava is the second largest water area in the Slovak Republic (33,5 km2) and is the 12th largest lake area in Europe. Zemlinska Šírava is known for the largest number of sunny and tropical days in the year. It is located in the beautiful district of Michalovce(40.thousand inhabitants) and 50km from the second largest city in the Slovak Republic, Košice (250.thousand inhabitants) with Kosice international airport.

Great Location is everything in real estate. The land is based in the cadastral area of Klokočov, in an attractive recreational area at Zemplínska Šírava, about 50 meters from the water, in the east of Slovakia, with a wide possibility of its use. In base of CEE Real Estate research in location of Sirava (land/houses/flats) it is predictable presumption for the best prices are, that plots have good location, are equipped with accessible road and have close connections to the boarding countries.

The upcoming highway will add another star.

Since 2017, the European union and Slovakia are building a new highway from Prešov and Košice (This are the number 2nd and 3rd biggest cities in Slovakia) to the Ukrainian border. It will connect to all other highways in Slovakia, which will make it easier and a quicker travel, for all domestic and international visitors to travel to the Šírava lake and area.


Slovaks and international investors, are increasingly interested in recreational real estate. The demand has increased by 20 percent over the last year. The most wanted properties are cottages near Michalovce in eastern Slovakia. For more information contact CEE Real Estate Group.

Why should investors turn towards Slovakia for their next property investment?

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