What should landlords expect from a good Leicester letting agent?

There are two routes you can take when looking for a Leicester letting agent. Landlords can seek smaller, local, family run estate agents, or they can opt for corporate multi-brand letting agents. Both options bring different benefits to landlords.

Local letting agents are more likely to have better knowledge of the overall property market. With smaller, family run letting agents they do carry a risk with a lack of experience. Larger letting agent with national presence may bring more experienced staff as an offering, however they can lack personality and feel distant with communication.

Whether you opt for large or small letting agents, consider which elements are more important to you. If you are an unexperienced landlord, a smaller more local firm may be of more use. They will have local knowledge of pricing, neighbourhood, reputation and real estate trends. Your Leicester Letting agent, regardless of their size, should have a full understanding of all deposit schemes and local regulations. Deposit protection schemes should be set up as a third party holder so the tenants deposit is safe from both the landlord and letting agent.

You should try and avoid estate agents that are new to the marketing and have little experience in lettings and rentals. As a landlord, before you commit to a Leicester letting agent you should review their property portfolio and seek credibility from reviews. Don’t be hesitant to pick up the phone and ask them questions about their letting and selling experience.

Landlords should expect an agent that offers high-quality customer service, honest communication and a seamless experience. This experience is improved where processes are in place and communication is more transparent. The best letting agent should be doing everything in their terms and conditions as part of their delivery. Landlord and letting agents should engage in regular management visits, reporting and constant communication. You should feel open with your letting agent, speak to them about advice on legislation updates, legal requirements, licenses and registration process.

Leicester letting agents should be flexible with their communication and service offering, meeting and exceeding the client needs. Affitto lettings puts the client first, looking after and boosting the investment for landlords. They should use their best resources and knowledge to understand the property listing and the landlords needs.

It is important for landlords to do their research before committing to a new letting agent. Check over their experience and money protection schemes. Use reviews and trust your gut, if something feels too good to be true – it probably is.

Leicester letting agents Affitto focus on transparent communication and pride themselves on good client relationships. It is important to be in constant communication with the landlord and fully understand their property letting requirements. At Leicester letting agents we are proud to be different, available 6 days a week, we are on hand to answer any queries.

If you are a landlord and are looking for top tips on renting a property, check out our top tips inforgraphic below which will help you have a seamless property rental process. Choose the right Leicester letting agent and do the initial research, it will pay off in the long term.

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