Things To Consider When Looking For Your Student Property

Starting university is an exciting time in life and there are many things that you’ll get to experience that school simply didn’t offer.

However, that doesn’t mean that this new transition period of your life isn’t going to be without challenges – unfortunately it’s not all parties and sleeping until noon when you get to stroll into your first and only lecture of the day before meeting with your friends for a few pints down at the student union.

So, to help ensure that you can make the most out of your time at university by getting the best learning experience and also having plenty of fun, we’ve compiled some of our favourite tips for you on things to consider when looking for your student property, as this is one of the main aspects of student life.

A lot of students, especially those in their first years may really want to experience the full force of life on campus by staying at the halls of residence offered by their chosen university, but you don’t have to opt for this, and can have just as much, if not more of an authentic and memorable experience by finding your own place to stay during the term.

The Location:

Just as you would when looking for any new flat, the location is something that’s incredibly important, so that’s why it’s right at the top of our list of things to consider.

Not only should be considering the location in terms of how close it is to your university, but also how nice the location is and if it looks like a place that might attract a lot of trouble or even violence.

The price of your new place will also be heavily reflected in the location, so unless you’re someone with lots of cash to spare, then you’re probably not going to be living the high life in the centre of a city like London or Edinburgh whilst at university.

Who You’re Sharing With:

When looking for student accommodation it’s usually just a given that you’ll be flat sharing with other students, which is also something that adds to the experience of being away at university and getting to meet new and interesting people that you may not otherwise have the chance to.

Since you’ll be living in close quarters with these people, it’s important to make sure you’re going to get on with them and that there will be few issues and drama between you. If this is an already-established flatshare, they may ask to interview you and spend some time chatting so you can all get to know each other, so take your time with this and don’t just jump on the first place you find because it’s cheap or close to your university – make sure these are people you’d want to spend time with.

What’s Included In The Cost:

Student accommodations will often see the rent, utilities and main bills split equally by those living there. Aside from being responsible for your own food costs, there may be other things not listed in your monthly share, so to avoid being hit with unexpected bills, then you need to make sure you ask upfront what’s included.

If you’re renting through a company such as Student Cribs who have properties in Exeter, Liverpool, Leeds, Newcastle and more, all of this will be given to you before you sign any lease or pay a deposit. If you view a property on there, you’ll find out exactly what’s included in the price. But, not all private landlords or letting agents may be so forthcoming with their information.

The Condition Of The Property:

Even if a place looks lovely when you walk into it, there are sometimes things you don’t notice until you move in that can really hinder your experience when it comes to living there, so when you go to view any potential student flats, make sure you really take the time to look around and check if anything looks to be not quite right.

For example, when you go into the bathroom, have a play around with the taps to check the water pressure, listen to see if the floors are overly creaky, and even ask to see if there’s any issues with noise thanks to thin walls, or more dangerous issues such as damp that may pose a health risk to someone with allergies.

If You Can Really Afford It:

As mentioned above, university is an exciting time, and the thought of being out on your own and free for perhaps the first time in your life may cloud your judgement when it comes to making adult decisions, but you really need to be sensible with certain things, and one of those things is how you manage your finances. So, before you go and sign anything, make sure you’re really able to afford the place.

As you can see, this isn’t an extensive list by any means, but should hopefully provide you with some of the basics needed to help you find the best place for you during your university years that won’t cost a small fortune and that will be a place you back on with fond, though somewhat hazy memories.

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