The scoop on the latest tech in interior design

In recent times we have seen new technology emerging across many industries, not least, the property market. From crowdfunding platforms, innovative interior technology, drone-captured imagery and real-time video tours, it is safe to say that plenty has changed across the sector. And despite the recent challenges faced by the industry vast changes continue to take place, strengthening the way in which we work.

So, what is the latest technology you need to know about?

We’re here to talk all about the ColorReader and it’s mobile app. An amazing gadget, so inspired and popular that we wish we’d have come up with the idea ourselves!

What is the ColorReader?

The ColorReader is a simple, compact, yet extremely effective device. The ground-breaking piece of tech is able to scan and analyse the colour of any surface in an instant, displaying the results via Bluetooth through its mobile app. You’ll find out the exact colour code of a scanned shade in seconds! Pretty impressive!

What exactly can the ColorReader do?

Aside from being able to scan any colour to give you the universally-used colour code in an instant, the device will also produce a palette of shades that compliment the original colour. Allowing you to get a feel for what colour schemes could work in your home. No flicking through expensive colour guides to find the paint colour you desire and no more juggling of various swatches to achieve your design dreams. ColorReader will do the legwork for you.

Which markets will benefit from the ColorReader?

Well, the simplicity of the device means that it is popular with all of those interested in interior design. From painters, decorators, designers, through to homeowners,landlords and developers. From amateur DIYers to professional interior design companies. The list is endless. Whether you are flicking through the pages of a fashion magazine or you’ve spotted an interesting colour at a friend’s house, simply scan the colour and the app will do the rest.

What are the ColorReader’s technical specifications?

Sometimes when something looks “too good to be true” it often is. So, to put your mind at rest let us take a look at the technical specifications of the ColorReader:

● Rechargeable lithium polymer batteries
● Compatible with iOS and Android[dc14]
● Up to 300 colour scans per charge
● Based on RAL and NCS colour codes

So much tech lies in this small device, which really is impressive. Just slip it into your pocket and start exploring the colours around you. There’s only one problem… we guarantee you will be scanning all the walls and surfaces that catch your eye!

Our take

The world of property investment has changed dramatically over the last decade and it is great to see the adoption of ground-breaking technologies such as the ColorReader. Many people believe that the real estate market was the last bastion of old-school practices but it looks like changes are incoming. New disruptive elements are arriving on a regular basis and this one is certainly special.


We love the ColorReader and customer feedback has certainly been encouraging, with many astounded by the simplicity yet effectiveness of the device! The ColorReader makes use of the latest technology and mobile apps, so if this is anything to go by we can’t wait to see what Datacolor, the team behind the ColorReader has in store for us next.

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