The National Landlord Investment Show – March 19th, Olympia, London

Who would have guessed that the National Landlord Investment Show, which began in Croydon in 2013, would go on to become one of the leading property shows in the UK. So far there have been 69 shows, more than 84,000 attendees, in excess of 3200 exhibitors and 970 seminars. The fact that the show this year will be chaired by leading political broadcaster Andrew Neil says everything about the appeal of the event. The London Olympia Conference Centre has become a second home, welcoming the show for the 15th time!

Mixing with like-minded professionals

As far as networking events go, the National Landlord Investment Show is up there with the best of them. Private landlords, investors, tax advisers, solicitors, mortgage brokers, letting agents and leading lights from the world of property investment will all been in attendance. It is safe to say that the last couple of years have been difficult for the private rental market with an array of new taxes and regulations. Navigating through these choppy waters has proven challenging but this year’s spotlight will be on moving forward with a property portfolio for the new decade.

Panel debate chaired by Andrew Neil

It is safe to say that Andrew Neil does not hold back and if he has something to say he will say it! Joining him on a robust governmental panel debate will be Michael Portillo (former Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer), David Smith (Economics Editor for the Sunday Times), Paul Mahoney (Nova Financial Group) and Tony Gimple (Less Tax for Landlords). If the rumours are correct regarding the forthcoming government budget there will be more than enough to discuss.

We often hear how Brexit “might” impact the UK property market but what does that mean? Well, Brexit will also be a hot topic with the debate hoping to cast a more helpful light on the changing face of the UK. The open floor policy ensures that all attendees have an equal opportunity to ask questions and delve deeper into the minds of these leading figures from the world of finance, politics and property.

Information is the key

While there are high hopes that Boris Johnson will be a little friendlier towards private landlords and property investors, we still await evidence. He has managed to talk the talk but will he manage to walk the walk after his thumping success in the December election. As the UK delegation open talks with their EU counterparts there will be much information and misinformation in the weeks and months ahead. The National Landlord Investment Show is the perfect platform on which to keep UK landlords and property investors up-to-date with the facts.

Nick Wallwork new podcast series

What better place for our CEO Nick Wallwork to begin the filming of his new podcast series? He will be in amongst fellow property entrepreneurs, leading lights of the industry delivering his cutting-edge observations and advice. This year around 5000 UK landlords are expected at the National Landlord Investment Show which will create a beehive of information, chatter and discussion. Nick will certainly be in the thick of it and we recommend catching his new podcast series when it is released.


The last couple of years have been challenging for the UK private rental market and property investment as a whole. The situation is starting to become a little clearer with regards to the new government and ongoing Brexit negotiations. The political impasse of 2019 has gone, we look forward to 2020 and beyond with renewed drive, hope and optimism.

If you wish to attend the show, admission is free, all you have to do is register here. Doors will be open at 8:30AM at London Olympia Conference Centre.

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