Renting Property for a University Student: What Should You Expect?

Leaving home in pursuit of a university education is both a very exciting and somewhat scary part of student life, but with a little bit of common sense from the students and forethinking from the parents, it is possible to almost eliminate any chances of a poor experience altogether.

If living on the university campus is not an option, then choosing the right property is of significant importance for ensuring safety and a good staying experience outside the university.

Taking a look at some of the key expectations that students and their guardians need from any student accommodation facility should help quite a bit in making the right choice.


The university campus is going to be safe for the most part, but when students are outside the premises, their security will largely be determined by how secure their accommodation facility is. Expect CCTV surveillance and electronic entry at the apartment complex for it to be considered a secure place for students.

Of course, they will go to other places as well, but that’s precisely where the aforementioned common sense should keep them safe, hopefully!

Convenience of Commuting

Just because the student is living outside the college campus, it doesn’t mean he/she should have to travel for too long or through uncomfortable arrangements on a regular basis, as it would make time management difficult.

If you want an ideal example, those looking for student accommodation in Bournemouth will find St Peter’s Hall to be a comprehensive package, both in terms of its proximity to the university and all the other expected features that we have discussed so far. It’s a popular student accommodation facility with luxurious apartments, from where the residents can easily walk to the University’s Lansdowne Campus and back after class. The central location of St Peter’s Hall also puts it tantalisingly close to the gorgeous Bournemouth Central Beach.


A common reason why students often reject on-campus accommodation is the lack of privacy. It isn’t uncommon for university students to party late into the night, which may not always sit well with students who want to sleep or study at that time. Staying in an outside facility should provide a private environment, where such situations can be easily avoided. Aside from that, there should be facilities to accommodate the student’s own personal schedule and lifestyle.


Even the most studious and prodigal university scholar will probably agree that college is not just about education, although that should always be the priority. Expect a good student accommodation facility to have game rooms, high-speed internet connections, and gyms. If it has a lounge for the residents to relax in and socialise after a busy day at the university, even better.

College doesn’t last long and while it can be hectic at times, these days are generally also some of the best days in a person’s life. They create memories forever, so taking that extra effort and spending a bit more to ensure safety, fun, and convenience is well worth it.

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