Property Summits seminar 26th February 2020 (changed from 29th January 2020)

On the 26th February 2020 (changed from 29th January 2020) the doors will open for the first time to the pioneering Property Summits seminar in London. This event brings together five of the most respected names in the property industry to give their advice on building, running and growing a professional property business. This is group of individuals who have more than 100 years of experience in the property sector, investing, developing and financing an array of developments.

Nicholas Wallwork

Nicholas Wallwork is an entrepreneur, property investor, developer and CEO of the world’s largest international property forum but there is more. He has released an array of property books under the world-renowned “For Dummies” brand. He has opinions on Brexit, UK property, international property and how to navigate the world of regulations and taxes.

For further details about the event and how to book, click on the link below:-

Property Summits

Tony Gimple

The name Tony Gimple often appears in the national press when media outlets are looking for professional comments on the UK and international property markets. Tony is an accomplished speaker at a range of national property events and founding director of Less Tax 4 Landlords. It will certainly be interesting to hear what he has to say.

John Howard

While John Howard is perhaps best known for his range of property investment books, event speaking and mentorship programme, there is more to John than meets the eye. He is an accomplished property developer with more than 40 years of experience and a director of numerous successful property companies.

Paul Mahoney

Bestselling author, Property TV show host and an award-winning speaker, Paul Mahoney is no doubt a name you will have come across before. He is a qualified and highly experienced IFA, landlord and property expert as well as founder of the Nova Financial Group. He is a highly successful entrepreneur and will be able to give an interesting angle on the outlook for property markets.

Richard Bush

While many crowdfunding platforms have come and gone, Crowdlords is one of the most successful property crowdfunding operations. This is an area of the market which is set to grow and grow in the short, medium and long term. A highly respected business to business branding expert with many years of experience in marketing, he will offer some interesting guidance on building a successful business.

Kate Faulkner (Guest Host)

While Kate Faulkner is described as the guest host for the Property Summit seminar she is actually an accomplished property expert in your own right. She regularly provides property market analysis on TV and radio as well as being an accomplished author and property website entrepreneur. The event could not be in better hands!

Subjects covered in the seminar

It is worth reiterating the point that there is no up selling whatsoever at the Property Summits seminar. The event will be focusing on building, running and growing a professional property business in 2020 and beyond. The experts will give advice on:-

• Taxation
• Property development
• Traditional finance routes
• Alternative finance options
• Investment timing
• Strategies
• Structures

This is a must attend event for any property investor with particular emphasis on:-

• Investors looking at passive/active property investment
• Full-time landlords looking to plan for their retirement
• Portfolio landlords at capacity but looking at ways to expand their business
• Property investors looking to fund developments to sell/retain
• Those interested in creating true intergenerational wealth

You can imagine with five experts boasting more than 100 years of experience in the property market between them, it is difficult for us to cover every area of their expertise. This is one of those seminars where you will walk away uplifted, focused and reinvigorated with ideas flowing like a river.

For further details about the event and how to book, click on the link below:-

Property Summits

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