Overseas landlords set a new five-year record during the pandemic

An increase of 19% will now see the number of overseas landlords hit a five-year high of 184,000. Despite the implications of Brexit, the COVID-19 pandemic and recent tax changes preventing such moves from happening in the first place, the UK property market has thrived. And, these factors have not been a deterrent for foreign investors at all.

The UK has been a go-to destination for foreign investors for many years now. Those out of the 184,000 overseas landlords are potentially on track or have already experienced projected capital growth and favourable exchange rates due to their investments. Increased tax changes, such as the 2% stamp duty surcharge introduced to overseas investors at the start of this month, are trumped by the long-term prospects UK properties currently have.

The most noticeable increase has been seen from Hong Kong investors following the new British National Overseas (BNO) visa launched at the end of January. Locations such as London have seen a high level of interest from this group of foreign investors. At the same time, northern cities such as Liverpool and Manchester have also been popular due to the more affordable properties and living costs compared to the former.

A Senior Director of Global Sales and Marketing, Cauvery Nanaiah, has commented that these overseas buyers transact in the Hong Kong Dollar and Chinese yuan due to the pound sterling being so low, therefore getting value for their money. “Interestingly now, the focus is moving away from zones 1 and 2, towards regeneration areas with better yields, such as Luton, Harlow and Hounslow,” she added.

The fact that overseas investors are continuing to invest within the UK property market is an extremely positive sign for the market’s future. The value of UK property is soaring even off the back of a global pandemic. The quality of life the UK offers is also seen as a bonus to overseas investors. The reputation of schools and universities here in the UK help to attract foreign investment and encourage overseas landlords to invest. Many decide to purchase buy-to-let properties, which will also help provide accommodation for their children studying in the UK.

The number of overseas property investors is expected to soar, as the UK government predicts at least 300,000 Hong Kongers will arrive in the next five years. Around 7,000 people from the former British colony have already been allowed to settle in the UK. These numbers do not consider the number of overseas investors from other countries either, which could see the 19% rise even higher than anticipated.

Investing in UK property has never been as popular for overseas landlords. The properties they purchase should also see them make capital growth due to the value of the sterling, which should only ever rise. Therefore, domestic investors should note these changing statistics and increased competitions, as they could miss out on capital growth post-pandemic.  If you’re searching for your next property to invest in, read our blog on where tenants want to live as we enter the new ‘normal.’

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