MIPIM event rescheduled as a consequence of coronavirus

While the annual MIPIM property event in Cannes is a leading light in the world of real estate, current events have forced a rescheduling. Originally planned for the 10-13 March, the event will now take place between the 2-5 June as concerns regarding the spread of the coronavirus continue to grow. It is been well documented that the French government have placed a temporary ban on public indoor gatherings of over 5000 people.

Attendees expressing concerns

Reed MIDEM, organisers of the MIPIM property conference, recently received correspondence from some attending companies expressing their concerns about the timing of the event. It very quickly became obvious that the event would need to be postponed as a means of protecting attendees and staff. This is just the latest in a long line of prestigious events which have been cancelled or pushed back as a consequence of the coronavirus.

Lines of communication

Organisers have confirmed that they will be in regular contact with both attendees and keynote speakers going forward. There is optimism that the event will take place in early June although this will depend on an array of issues outside of the organiser’s control. The fact that the authorities have acted quickly to ban large gatherings is a positive move which will help to slow down the spread of the virus. So, while it is disappointing to see the MIPIM event rescheduled relatively late in the day, this decision was not taken lightly nor was it one over which the organiser’s had much control.

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