Maximizing the relationship between landlords and agents

Buy-to-let landlords and managing agents have had a rough time recently, from rafts of new legislation to contend with through to Coronavirus, which put the housing market in deep freeze.

Relationships between the two may not be as strong as they were pre-crisis, with the housing market being shut down during the pandemic, resulting in less activity as the government stopped all but essential house moves.

PlanetRent isn’t just for DIY landlords. The platform also provides a new transparent way of working for landlords who use agents. A landlord can invite the letting agent for each property or, if your properties are geographically dispersed, agents, to PlanetRent.

Through their own portal, agents can then for example oversee all the maintenance and repair work that needs to be carried out, set up any preferred contractors nominated by the landlord, and automatically collect repair ratings to show that the tenants are being kept happy.

Maximizing the relationship between landlords and agents

The platform connects agents, landlords, tenants, contractors, the landlord’s accountant and any staff on site by giving each their own portal to access the platform and the data they need, enabling them to transact from the comfort and safety of their home.

In addition, the platform also helps agents save money by reducing the need to subscribe to multiple software packages and can integrate with existing office accounting software, or act as an outsourced accountant.

PlanetRent allows agents to track deals, accept offers and references and esign contracts. There is a whole suite of professional reports, in real-time reporting, which can be sent directly to the landlord, or their accountant, or both, as well as real-time dashboards on the portal.

Agents who use PlanetRent will also benefit from free listings on the PlanetRent website, offering exposure to a large audience of landlords and tenants.

Landlords and agents

The compliance dashboard tells you which compliance documents need renewing so PlanetRent can automatically serve the five docs legally required on tenants to keep both the landlord and agent safe governance-wise. PlanetRent can also take credit card payments for the initial rent and deposit, collect rent by direct debit, plug and play into Sage or Xero, or, act as your outsourced accountant thereby replacing multiple paid subscriptions and manual processes.

If you are a landlord who wants to get tenants faster by getting eight weeks rent cover and going deposit free – then why not use PlanetRent?

You may simply want to know your tenants are being looked after properly and feel safer governance-wise, or be an agent who wants an easier life – either way – why not use PlanetRent?

It’s completely free to install so you could sign up today and pay nothing. All you need to do is:

1. Sign up to PlanetRent
2. Add your properties to the PlanetRent portal
3. Add your preferred contractors for each of those properties

If you would like to find out more about how PlanetRent can support you and help make property maintenance hassle-free, please visit the website

You can read more about PlanetRent in The Times, Letting Agent Today, LandlordZone and Property Week.

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