John Howard guide to Property Development and Investment

John Howard has been there and done it in a property career spanning more than 35 years. He has bought and sold more than 3500 houses and flats which shows how active and experienced he is. A regular participant on property TV, public speaker and provider of invaluable seminars to property investors, his second book entitled “John Howard’s Inside Guide to Advanced Property Developing and Investing” is already proving extremely popular.

It is John’s canny mix of practical advice and insider tips which make his seminars and books much sought after. So, what can you expect from John’s latest book?

Property development and investment

In theory, property development and investment is fairly straightforward. Acquire a property which needs work, invest and develop and then either rent or sell-on for a significant profit. However, there are various issues to be aware of, pitfalls to avoid and ways to maximise your returns.

John’s latest book includes advice on an array of different subjects including:-

• Step-by-step guide to conversion

Converting a property from, for example, retail to residential use may seem complicated at first glance. The key is to break the process down into small parts. Learn how to spot potential conversions, maximise your profit and minimise the risk.

• New build developments

Timing is key to new build developments, when to invest, what type of property and how to maximise sale proceeds without jeopardising a potential sale. The UK is in desperate need of new build developments and this is a potentially lucrative area.

• Listed buildings

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail, nothing could be more apt when it comes to listed buildings and property development. An ill thought out listed buildings development can turn into a bottomless pit and cost you a fortune. Learn how to avoid the dangers and carry out in-depth research prior to any investment. Fools rush in where angels fear to tread!

• Planning permission and land promotion

Many people automatically assume you can only research planning permission once you own a property/area of land. This is not the case and John Howard will teach you how to increase your chances of a successful planning application and how best to promote your land.

• Converting commercial to residential

It is no secret that the UK high street is dying; online retail has crushed many traditional outlets, creating significant potential for converting commercial property into residential. Learn how to identify property hotspots, maximise your rental income and create a long-term extremely strong income stream. Alternatively, convert commercial property into residential and learn how to flip for a significant return.

• Formal and informal tenders

The key to maintaining control of property development budgets is to create an air of competition amongst tradespeople. Clever use of formal and informal tenders will allow you to exert pressure on quotes while maintaining a high quality finish.

• Commercial and residential investments

The UK commercial and residential property sectors are moving in very different directions. Demand for private rental properties is set to increase in line with the UK population. Commercial property is under pressure with the slow death of the high street and many businesses struggling to compete with their online counterparts. John will teach you how to spot opportunities in both areas!

• Trading property

Exit routes are as important as entry routes especially when looking to trade property, increase your investment pot and maximise returns. Learn how to flip properties in a relatively short space of time, build up long-term income streams which support higher valuations and execute property purchases and sales with minimum fuss.

• Becoming a bigger developer and investor

Whether you are investing £1m or £100,000 into a property development, the idea is the same, the criteria identical and the long-term goal simple, profit. The ability to spot a potential property development, quickly estimate a development budget and future enhanced value are priceless. Learn how to handle the pressure, maintain control at all times and branch out into bigger and potentially more lucrative developments. While always keeping an eye on the risk/reward ratio…..


The key to John Howard’s latest book is the fact it is perfect for those relatively new to the property development market or those with significant experience. Trends change, new markets emerge and others fall by the wayside. Learning how to spot potentially lucrative property developments is a skill nurtured in tandem with experience. Learn from the best and set yourself on the way to your first £1 million!

Click here: John Howard’s Inside Guide to Advanced Property Developing and Investing

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