Jemski Ensure Additional Routes To Property Funding Set To Become More Accessible

Obtaining lending from high street banks has become more restrictive in recent years due to an additional focus on algorithms and computer-based decisions. For developers, this can be problematic. Computer-generated responses to loan applications can often lack the nuance often required to assess a proposal in depth, which can lead to viable projects failure to achieve the funding they require. For developers, this situation is undeniably frustrating.

Finance for property builders and developers

Newly-launched company Jemski Development Finance is set to provide a new method of obtaining finance for property builders and developers. The company are seeking to provide developers with access to a range of alternative property development funding options, including property crowdfunding platforms, institutional investment lending, and private banks. In addition, Jemski can also help its customers to achieve 100% financing via joint venture projects of wealthy family offices, trusts, charities, and ultra high net worth individuals.

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Wide-ranging market access

Jemski Development FinanceJemski can provide wide-ranging market access and understanding of the development process, which may help provide a more customised experience to those seeking property development finance. Rather than facing the restrictions of conventional bank application processes, Jemski are seeking to provide a more tailored approach that focuses on the merits of each individual application.

Submitting a proposal

Users start the process by submitting their proposal to Jemski, where it will then be thoroughly analysed in depth. The company will ensure that every application meets the required standards of the investors, property funds, and institutions within their lending pool. Jemski hope that the fine-tuning of lending applications help to increase the likelihood of finding a viable funding match, with access to third-party professionals who specialise in planning and feasibility studies if required.

When the application is complete, Jemski then seek to find a suitable investor for their proposed development. Investors within the lending pool can provide lending for most areas of property based funding, including residential, commercial, bridging, mezzanine and joint ventures.

Finding potential investors

Jemski then seeks to implement a process of elimination of prospective investors, before providing a range of potential investors. Developers are then invited to pursue the investors available, select their preferred choice, and continue the process of obtaining finance. All financing provided by Jemski is offered on an interest-only basis, which is then paid back at the end of the agreed term.

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The team behind Jemski all have experience working with developers in order to raise funding for development projects. Understanding the role that crowdfunding and private investments could offer to developers, the management team created the company with the goal of uniting investors and developers for future projects.

For developers who have struggled to raise the capital required for their next project, the ability to explore alternative routes of funding could be beneficial in future.

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