Introducing PlanetRent – the automated lettings platform supporting landlords

PlanetRent is a new automated lettings platform that promises to save all landlords and agents time, money and hassle by automating key processes in the lettings journey such as compliance, marketing and management.

The platform is free to signup and use, with the only costs involved being pay-as-you-go for certain services such as e-signing your contracts or advertising properties on portals like Rightmove and Zoopla.

PlanetRent rolls so many functions into one, has a simple easy-to-use dashboard and benefits from being written from years of experience and comes subscription free, meaning users save money by not needing to sign up to multiple costly subscriptions and software packages.

IphoneLettingsPlanetRent was incubated by residential property experts Ringley Group, which manages over 10,000 homes across the country and has advised major investors including Moda, Curlew, Patrizia & Grosvenor.

Ringley Group brought forward the launch of PlanetRent to support landlords and agents through lockdown and cope with the social distancing measures introduced in response to Covid-19.

The cloud-based platform is free to join and use and fully supports remote working by connecting landlords, tenants, agents, contractors, accountants and any site staff. PlanetRent gives each party their own portal to access data, complete transactions and sort management issues from mobile and web devices.

Mary-Anne Bowring, creator of PlanetRent, explains: “Coronavirus has undoubtedly caused huge disruption to the housing market but as the crisis fades we will still be left with the same problem of a rental market stuck in the analogue era when we are in the digital age.”

“PlanetRent has been designed to save landlords and agents, time, money and hassle, all the school-boy errors have been designed out, reports to know everything that needs to be done has been done are automatically emailed weekly and a first-class tenant experience is assured.”

“We’ve mapped outcomes for every event: let, re-let, tenant substitution, vacate, repairs, marketing and everything in-between.”

“We expect additional demand for rental properties over the coming year thanks to disruption in the for-sale market caused by coronavirus, with people putting off buying or selling their home and high street banks restricting mortgage lending.”

PlanetRent has reduced the renewal process to just three clicks, and prompts tenants to renew as they approach the end of their tenancy. Properties are automatically marketed and move-out checks are triggered if the tenants choose to vacate instead of renew.

PlanetRent have also partnered with Reposit to enable landlords to offer properties as deposit-free while giving them eight weeks’ cover.

PlanetRent also safeguards against fines of up to £20k by automated prompts ensuring they have carried out and ticked all legal requirements and are connected to PlanetRent’s HMO partner.

You can read more about PlanetRent in the Times, Letting Agent Today, LandlordZone and Property Week.

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