Five ways in which modern technology can help private landlords

After a relatively slow start there is no doubt that modern technology is now playing a major role in the private rental sector. Landlords, tenants, asset managers and agents are now able to take advantage of new cutting-edge technology/ software packages which cover every aspect of property management. PlanetRent is a package recognised as the leader in its field, the only one to cover the full journey and accommodate landlords, tenants, asset managers and agents.

This software package was created by The Ringley Group, a leading property group offering services from finance to legal, funding to property management and everything in between. So, what are the five main advantages of modern technology?

Compliance simplified

In recent times there has been a significant increase in the regulatory obligations of both landlords and tenants. PlanetRent offers an automated system which makes you aware of documents required from references to annual gas certificates, EPC documentation to inventory checks. This simple step-by-step system will show you at a glance the documents needed to fulfil your legal obligations. Automatic reminders will ensure you are protected from multiple £20,000 fines.

E-sign your contracts

As well as presenting and tracking all of the legal and regulatory documentation required, the PlanetRent system also allows e-signing of documentation. You don’t need to print, sign, scan and return documents, simply e-sign on your phone with the touch of a button. The software will also flag all signatures required per document and create reminders to ensure all parties sign.

Touch of a button uploads

Time is often of the essence when it comes to arranging new tenancies, sending documents and obtaining signed copies. Email is quick, compared to traditional mail, but the PlanetRent mobile phone app allows you to upload and send documents on the move. As you will see below, the tenant portal ensures that new tenants receive all the legal documentation they are entitled to. The tenant can read these documents online and there is a trail to record receipt.

Tenant portal

Those with experience in the private landlords sector will be well aware that smooth communication is the key to everything. Therefore, the PlanetRent tenant portal is a priceless addition to this leading service. It answers many of the frequently asked questions put to landlords, ensures all legal obligations are fulfilled and also centralises payment of rent and referencing for example. In reality this portal is as important to a tenant as it is to a landlord.

Manage repairs on the move

How simple is this process with the PlanetRent mobile phone app? The tenant requests a repair, the landlord contacts a tradesperson and between them an appointment is made to carry out repairs (also perfect for regular maintenance). Bringing tradespeople into the online conversation allows landlords and tenants to openly discuss dates and appointments, avoiding confusion and mistakes. The automatic audit trail of all action on each individual landlord account allows you to backtrack to see what was said, when it was said and any response. This cuts out endless email ping-pong, uncertainty and never-ending telephone calls. Hasslefree management!


It is impossible to cover all of the services provided by the PlanetRent software package as they really have thought of everything. The package was developed by The Ringley Group, a company with more than 20 years of experience in the industry. This group that has been there done it and experienced all the highs and lows of property management. The level of automation is very impressive, the attention to detail unrivalled which leaves landlords to concentrate on expanding their portfolio or simply enjoying life!

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