Eleven software integrations to support landlords and agents

As you may already be aware, PlanetRent is the ideal toolkit for buy-to-let landlords and agents.

The platform connects all the usual parties but also any staff on site, or assistant you may have as well as your accountant. Each having their own portal to access the platform and the data they need, enabling them to transact from the comfort and safety of their home, on site, in the office or on the go.

PlanetRent is integrated with eight separate software packages and can integrate with existing accounting software or act as an outsourced accountant.

Users of PlanetRent will see their deposits registered automatically with TDS, the deposit protection provider. Or can either buy themselves or get their tenants to buy a Reposit, the deposit alternative that gives 8 weeks rent cover to the landlord. One click lists properties on Rightmove and Zoopla. And, PlanetRent is connected up to all the peripheral support you may need such as Vericheck for referencing, Evolve to book an Inventory Clerk, Quick Inventory for DIY inventories, the 360 view for photos, Viewber for viewings, Homeshift for utilities and Legal for Landlords for tenancy breaches.

Eleven software integrations to support landlords and agents

Through these ten software integrations, landlords and agents can access some of the best software and support out there without paying hefty subscription fees.

It’s completely free to join so you could sign up today and pay nothing. All you need to do is:

1. Sign up to PlanetRent
2. Add your properties to the PlanetRent portal.
3. Choose your preferred suppliers for each of those properties.

PlanetRent’s partnership with alternative deposit provider, Reposit enables tenants to move into their new home without putting down a deposit at all. Yes, advertise your property as deposit free to get more tenants. Since the introduction of the Tenant Fees Bill (which saw deposits capped at 5 weeks rent, not the previous 6 weeks norm) landlord’s have been more exposed, opting to go deposit free effectively gives 8 weeks cover and Reposit cover the cost of credit checking tenants.

Automated Rental System

At PlanetRent we know that for many renters, finding a deposit on a new property is one of their biggest, one-off financial expenses of the year. For many, it can cost as much as half a month’s income – sometimes more.

Equally, we know that landlords want to reduce void periods while remaining protected in these uncertain times.

Reposit has redefined the future for landlord-tenant relations enabling tenants to move into a rental property without stretching their finances to breaking point.

PlanetRent’s integration with Homeshift takes care of GDPR and if the tenants agree enables Homeshift to contact them to set up and manage their energy, internet, council tax, and water bills all in one place for a guaranteed fair price, otherwise sends them details for them to act on when ready.

PlanetRent has been designed to save landlords and agents, time, money and hassle, by automating the majority of the lettings process.

You can read more about PlanetRent in The Times, Landlord Today, LandlordZone and Property Week.

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