BuildAid MIPIM Rally: 7th-10th March 2020

Even though this is just the third year of the BuildAid MIPIM Rally this fantastic charitable event is making a splash. It seems as though the opportunity to drive luxury cars across London, Luxembourg, Geneva, Monaco and Cannes is just too good a chance to miss! This year’s event takes place between the 7th and 10th of March 2020 beginning in London and ending in Cannes, just in time for the MIPIM event. This year organisers of the BuildAid MIPIM Rally are looking to raise £70,000 to go towards the growing number of BuildAid construction projects around the world.

What is BuildAid?

BuildAid is a relatively new charity which began life in 2005 when a team of environmental professionals decides to help those impacted by the Southeast Asian tsunami. The idea was simple; funds raised would be used to assist building schemes in the hardest-hit areas of Southeast Asia. Using the skills of local tradesmen, local suppliers and volunteers from the community, this turned out to be the ultimate in community projects.

Since 2005 BuildAid has just grown and grown and now provides not only emergency aid but also long-term assistance for community projects. To date the charity has helped more than 400,000 people across four different continents come to terms with life after a natural disaster. The activities undertaken by the charity include rebuilding schools to constructing brand-new medical facilities, homing orphaned children to improving sanitation and much more.

The ability to bridge the gap between short-term emergency finance and long-term constructive aid has pushed BuildAid to the forefront of post-disaster relief. Funds raised by the BuildAid MIPIM Rally have made a huge difference to the charity and those whose lives have been turned upside down as a consequence of disasters.

Three-day rally

The momentum behind the BuildAid MIPIM Rally continues to grow with small, medium and large companies extremely keen to assist this fantastic charity. In exchange for their assistance, contributors will receive huge exposure across supercar branding, online activities and multimedia.


Rally Itinerary

London to Luxembourg

• Breakfast Meet in London
• Channel Tunnel Crossing
• Drive through Belgium
• Dinner in Luxembourg
• Overnight stay at
• Novotel Luxembourg Centre

Luxembourg to Geneva

• Breakfast in Luxembourg
• Drive through France to Switzerland
• Visit the Geneva Motorshow
• Dinner in Geneva
• Overnight stay in the
• President Wilson Luxury Collection

Geneva to Monaco

• Breakfast Meet in Geneva
• Drive the breathtaking Route Napoleon through France
• MIPIM Rally Gala Dinner in Monaco
• Visit to Monte-Carlo Casino
• Overnight stay in the
• Hotel Hermitage Monte-Carlo


Taking part in the BuildAid MIPIM Rally

In order to take part in the BuildAid MIPIM Rally 2020 you need to raise/donate £2000 in sponsorship with 100% going to the BuildAid charity. There are separate cost packages for the rally covering accommodation:-

• £680 per person – twin/double occupancy accommodation
• £985 per person – single occupancy accommodation

This includes:

• 3 x nights luxury accommodation
• Buffet breakfast in London, Luxembourg, Geneva and Monaco
• 3 course dinner and drinks in Luxembourg, Geneva and Monaco
• Entrance to the Geneva Motorshow
• Secure parking in all locations
• One-way Channel Crossing
• The BuildAid MIPIM Rally sticker pack

To secure your place on the rally, you must make a deposit donation of £500, followed by full payment of your chosen cost package.

Secure your place today

With only 30 spaces available on the BuildAid MIPIM Rally 2020 it is safe to say that places are limited and filling up very quickly. Click on the link below for further information and details of how to reserve your seat today. Get involved in this hugely popular charitable fundraiser and grab the chance to drive a supercar across Europe!

Link: BuildAid MIPIM Rally Website

We live in a world where children have been left desolate and homeless as a consequence of natural disasters. The initial rush of emergency funding is critical but the ability to finance and manage long-term recovery plans is priceless. This is where BuildAid come in…..with your help.

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