An expert guide to getting more space in your next HMO property development

When it comes to an HMO, saving every inch of space is key to success. Sticking to building regulations is essential; however, providing an attractive space for prospective tenants to live in is crucial. But being clever with your development is what will set your property apart.

First, it is key to consider some simple tricks of the trade that you may not be aware of. Look around your HMO. What do you see? If there is dead space that is not being utilised, think of a way to make it useful. Often, the space behind a door is seen as useless and, consequently, is a complete waste. But, these nooks and crannies are perfect for a wardrobe or desk. Perhaps you have a blank wall – install a shelf. Hallway? Chip away at it and plan to give back to other rooms which need the space more!

Not only can there be dead space out and about in any individual room, but there could also be dead space not being utilised in the walls. Your cupboards/wardrobes can be built into walls to save a considerable amount of space. Creating something bespoke for any given room is perfect for an HMO and also allows you the luxury of meeting the space requirements in building regulations.

What about adding mezzanine levels to your build? A mezzanine will allow you to create a room out of absolutely nothing by making use of the height and volume. If your HMO has the appropriate space to do so, then look to create one as you can add value; it is generally much easier to install than an entire floor.

Making an HMO feel larger will tend to keep your tenants happier as a result. Even if you cannot get a mezzanine in, making your tenants feel less cramped by using height can work well. Take a look at the development of this mezzanine to gain inspiration and think about the various ways you can incorporate your own into that next HMO.

Lastly, if you want to add an extra room to your HMO, look no further than a garage conversion. Typically a garage is not beneficial to an HMO due to the shared nature of the accommodation. However, by converting the garage into another bedroom, you could, in effect, give way to another occupant depending on the current use classification. Maybe you are only getting five bedrooms out of the building currently, categorised as a C3 residential, instead of a six-bedroom, C4 residential opportunity – known as an HMO. By converting the garage, you can stand to gain more capital if done correctly.

Be sure to plan appropriately. Find the right team who will do an excellent job in converting that garage door into a solid, joined-up foundation similar to the rest of the build. As everything else is in place – structure, damp proofing etc. – you should be able to get it done with no problems.

Think about researching more on this topic by starting with the following video: Struggling to Maximise your HMO? How about a Garage Conversion! Get your 6-Bed HMO with this TOP TIP.

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