One World Trade Center confirmed as tallest building in US

One World Trade Center confirmed as tallest building in US

One World Trade Center confirmed as tallest building in US

To those on the outside of the property sector looking inwards, the title “tallest building in the US” may seem little more than an ego trip. However, since time and memorial we have seen architects and property developers pushing the limits leading to taller and taller buildings around the world. Indeed this week’s announcement that the One World Trade Center, standing at 1776 feet, is the tallest building in the US has focused attention not only on the building but the occupants as well.

The 104 story building is situated in New York and will become the head office for China Center which is a joint venture between Vantone Real Estate and the New York City Investment Fund. The venture was set up to encourage closer trading relations between the US and China and the fact that it has actually culminated in the development of this extremely tall building has given the project massive media focus.

More than just an icon

The tower will not be open for business until 2015 when China Center will become the first tenant of One World Trade Center although there is expected to be a rush to sign-up new tenants over the next couple of years. This is also likely to encourage yet more Chinese property investment across America as the ties between the two countries continue to tighten.

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There was some concern and confusion regarding One World Trade Center with a panel of illustrious architects called in to rule on the building’s 408 foot long mast at the top. There were disagreements as to whether this mast should actually be taken into account when confirming the height of the building although eventually it was decided it was also an integral part of the property. This takes the height of the One World Trade Center to 1776 feet which is greater than the previous highest building in the US which was the Willis Tower at 1451 feet.

Safety is imperative

While we all look at the tallest buildings in the world, sometimes with surprise and sometimes in awe, we must never forget that these buildings are not only iconic but they are built to the highest safety standards. They may look like very simple buildings from the outside but the inner workings of these real estate developments are certainly much more complicated. They need to take into account winds, they need to take into account temperature changes and they all have various safety escape routes.

Much has been learnt in the aftermath of the 9/11 bombings and the fact that the original World Trade Center buildings seemed to collapse like a pack of cards. Just when you think that architects and property developers have pushed the limits in relation to how high a property can go they seem to find another level, they seem to take on a new technology while also maintaining one eye on safety. The history of the tallest buildings in the US, and indeed the tallest buildings in the world, is littered with iconic real estate which has grabbed the attention of the mass media and never fails to shock the general public.

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