MGM Grand Las Vegas

MGM Grand Las Vegas

MGM Grand Las Vegas

The MGM Grand Las Vegas is a hotel casino situated on the Las Vegas strip. This hotel has more rooms than any other hotel in the world and is the biggest hotel resort in the USA. When it was first opened in 1993 it was larger than any other hotel in the world. The hotel has 30 floors in the main building and many different facilities including 6,852 rooms, five outdoor pools, rivers and waterfalls, a convention centre, garden arena, the grand spa and numerous shops, restaurants and nightclubs. The main facility in this hotel is the casino which is the largest one in Clark County.

The History

When the hotel first opened in December 1993, it had a theme of the ‘Wizard of Oz’ including the actual colour of the hotel, Emerald Green. It has all the different aspects of the film including statues of Dorothy, the Tin Man, the Scarecrow and the Cowardly Lion in front of the Emerald City – this attraction also features the yellow brick road. When refurbishments started, all this was completely destroyed to make the casino appeal to a more mature audience. The main theme now is the Art Deco era of classic Hollywood. When first opened the main aim of the hotel was to make it the first true destination hotel by including activities for children to take part in. This meant the opening of a theme park but this didn’t perform as well as expected and was later closed down. It is now being developed as a luxury hotel resort.

Quote from : “The US government recently announced plans to cut back on the enormous amount of fiscal support offered to the US economy. As in other parts of the world, relatively cheap finance offered to US financial institutions has been at the heart of renewed interest in property sectors across the country and is likely to remain so in the short term.”


Besides the extremity of MGM Grand, there are other attractions within the hotel that have changed as the years go by. Inside the casino, there was a glass sided lion habitat where lions would be shown to visitors daily. Within the habitat there was a glass tunnel where visitors could have a close up view of the lions. As well as this, in 2009 CSI: The Experience opened where visitors had the opportunity to solve one of three murder cases. They were guided by several help stations, videos from cast members and realistic reconstructed evidence.


The casino within this hotel is the main reason why the MGM Grand is famous. It has one of the largest gaming floors in Las Vegas and includes around 2,500 gaming machines and 139 poker and table games. No matter what budget the visitors have, there are slot machines to suit everyone ranging from 1 cent to 1000 dollars. There is also the opportunity to bet on racing and sporting events. Bets can be made on soccer, football, boxing, MMA and many more.


The MGM Grand Las Vegas as a reputation which few other venues in the world could ever even hope to compete with. The fact that it is situated in the gambling capital of the US, and the world in the eyes of many people, ensures a constant flow of new visitors to the tables. The venue itself may have experienced a number of facelifts, refurbishments and rebranding exercises but the reputation and the stature of the MGM Grand Las Vegas has been maintained.

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