Worthwhile Properties with Reasonable Prices in Egypt

This thread shows a competitive comparison of property prices bought by most members all over Egypt. It shows the property prices that can assist other members in making their own predictions about the overall property market.

These comparisons were based on the following:

  • when was the property bought;
  • property costs;
  • property size;
  • Number of bedrooms contained within the property;
  • location (frontline or in the city);
  • and the payment plan

Based on the responses in this thread, most members preferred to purchase from prominent property developments located near the beach or an actual beachfront property.

Furthermore, buying fully furnished properties were mostly seen by members as practical and quite advantageous. This is since most Egyptian furnishings are considered by members to have quality standards. In addition, the most common reasons for purchasing these properties are for investment, for flipping, or as a holiday home.

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3 Responses to “Worthwhile Properties with Reasonable Prices in Egypt”

  1. I think now is the chance of purchasing properties in Egypt as I guess after 3 years from now prices will be doubled, and then the return of investment if you buy now will be amazing, specilay some projects now come with rental guranteee and turn key apartment, so you double your money and you get the rental guarantee every year what could be a better investment, all you need to know what is your budget and what kind or size of unit you looking for and then you will find the options and it will be easy decision but Be aware seeing is much different that hearing so don't buy something you didn't see, should visit the town and area before you buy anything this is an advice from the heart 🙂
    Wish you all the best

  2. By now, everyone will have seen or felt the impact of the crash in the financial markets. It hasn't hit countries who have little or no record of dealing with credit. Islamic areas have dealt primarily with cash buyers and if the prices are still low in comparison, will maintain steady growth.

    Egypt is one of those locations… However, cash is not as plentiful in 2009 so developers are depending on good marketing companies to push the best projects. We see good examples of developments in the Hurghada, Sahl Hasheesh and Marsa Alam areas which are well into their finishing targets.

    I believe new drawing board and off-plan projects will never reach the potential those started in the last four years have achieved. Buying the remaining units (nearly completed) makes sense. Income from rental is therefore more of a guarantee. In regards to doubling your money, I think the boat may have been missed.

    But for those thinking of investment on the Egyptian Mainland, projects like those Hurghada and Marsa Alam remain the better bets at half the price of neighbouring Sinai. A fifth of the price of Dubai, where the bubble has seriously burst.

    Alan Cockayne. Coralife-Style – Real Estate Consultant

  3. cherylmcmurray

    How has the property market changed since the revolution in Jan 2011?


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