Visas and Permits in Brazil

When keen in investing in a property in Brazil, or in any foreign land, getting a permanent residence may not immediately be the best step to undertake. There are several options that a foreigner can explore that can afford flexibility and less time to process.

Types of Temporary Visas:

1. Tourist Visas

Citizens of most European nations require only a valid passport or either a return or onward ticket. Sometimes an evidence of funds that can prove that you can afford a ticket is needed in order to enter Brazil as a tourist. The processing of their tourist visas is quite straightforward as well, where in they simply fill in a form upon arrival. After which, a visa is granted allowing these visitors to stay for 90 days. This may be extended only once, granting another 90 days when applied at least 15 days before it expires. Should one desire to stay longer, he or she should leave the country and re-enter again.

Australian, New Zealand, Canadian, and US citizens, as well as citizens from other nations may require a visa in advance. This is available in Brazilian consulates, in their respective homelands. Additional requirements include a passport photo, an accomplished visa application, and a processing fee.

2. Short Stay Business Visas

This visa is ideal for people who wish to visit Brazil for the purpose of making and attending business contacts, attending trade fairs, or conferences.

Temporary Residence Visa/Work Visa

Anyone who wishes to live and work in Brazil must obtain a temporary residence visa. A temporary visa for employment purposes requires one to obtain a job from a company based in Brazil or from an international company operating in Brazil. Documents required for this visa processing includes a secured work contract in Brazil, suitable educational qualifications, work experiences, proof of adequate means of subsistence in Brazil, police clearance from any criminal record, and medical certification. All documents must be translated into Portuguese. Work visas are also issued to the holder’s spouse and children.

Permanent Visas

There are several specific situations where permanent visas are granted. These are as follows:

1. Businessmen and professionals

Permanent visas are issued to administrative managers and directors of business or professional corporations who are moving into Brazil via intra-company transfers.

2. Investors

Investor visas may be granted to foreign investors who wish to invest a minimum of US$50,000 on a business based in Brazil. These types of visas are issued for an initial five years and renewable on the approval of a satisfactory investment plan, and with the confirmation that the investor created jobs for at least 10 Brazilian nationals.

3. Retirees

Foreign nationals over the age of 50 may apply for permanent visas if they are able to transfer the equivalent amount of US$ 2,000 to Brazil every month.

4. Marriage to a Brazilian citizen

Persons married to a Brazilian national are granted a permanent visa, as covered by a resolution of the National Immigration Council.

5. Foreigner with a Brazilian offspring

Covered by a resolution of the National Immigration Council, any foreign parent or both foreign parents of a Brazilian child is traditionally given a permanent residence.


2 Responses to “Visas and Permits in Brazil”

  1. Hi !
    I read that for investors that "the confirmation that the investor created jobs for at least 10 Brazilian nationals. "/
    Is that true ?
    What about people buying property ? would they need to employ 10 locals ?


  2. I'm an Argentine citizen, can I obtain a permanent visa in Brazil since they are both part of Mercosur? Can I at least open up a checking account in Brazil with my Argentine passport? Thanks, Bill.


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