Predict Dubai Property Prices in 2010

The thread started with an interesting inquiry on members’ forecast on the future property prices in Jumeirah Village, Dubai Sports City, and City of Arabia–all of which are some of Dubai’s newly accomplished and most anticipated property developments. Also included in the thread are the predicted property prices on some of the city’s currently successful and much sought-after properties, of which includes The Greens, Old Town, and Dubai Marina.

The predicted values that resulted in the thread were based on the mixed views of the members on the direction that these prices would take in the following years. Some commentators purport that by the end of the, decade the supply and demand ratio would level up, consequently slightly decreasing the property prices. Others take on a more positive view, stating that in spite of a tendency to become a buyer’s market and a subsequent slight decrease in prices, overall rates wouldn’t fall as it would take some time before the supply finally crosses the demand. In addition, the ever increasing costs of constructing new buildings would also add up to the property prices.

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2 Responses to “Predict Dubai Property Prices in 2010”

  1. Wow – Dubai is an incredible place with a lot to offer. I can’t believe how much it changed in just a few years. Thanks for all the details about Dubai.


  2. The vairation of the selling price in Dubai is very volatile. It seams that this city is expressing itself with a lot of sentiment driver on daily basis.
    We estimate that the law is have a serious effect on the down price. Basically investors have lure with the luxury and fail to be realistic them self.


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