Is the current tenancy journey outdated?

All buy-to-let landlords know that getting a new tenant into a property can be a time-consuming, frustrating experience.

Whether it’s right to rent checks, drafting tenancy agreements or reviewing tenancy documents, too many lettings processes are cumbersome and outdated.

That’s before you factor in having to keep on top of the ever-changing compliance landscape. EPCs, gas safety certificates, deposit protection schemes: forget to hand any one of these on to a new tenant, and you could be hit with a hefty fine.

On the other side of the coin, many tenants are completely unaware of what documents they need or where responsibility lies for repairs when they take on a lease.

PlanetRent to do List

It’s hardly surprising, then, that the early stages of the letting journey can cause frustration and misunderstanding between landlords and tenants.

We want to change that. At PlanetRent, we believe that all of these processes can be automated, saving you time and money, and reducing the administrative burden on landlords and tenants.

PlanetRent’s automated lettings platform strips away all the labour-intensive paper-shuffling and replaces them with an easy-to-use online platform.

By using our platform, DIY landlords now have access to the same tools as larger investors or managing agents. For landlords, all tenant records and documents are instantly accessible and stored online in one place. Our app takes the faff away from collecting deposit and rent monies, and connects landlords, tenants and contractors when it comes to dealing with repairs.

That’s not all. PlanetRent helps make tenants feel welcome in their new home. Our dedicated tenants portal guarantees tenants a high-quality lettings journey that takes the sting out of renting a new home.

PlanetRent Contracts

Through our portal tenants can:

● Pay initial move-in rent and deposit online
● Enter reference info
● E-sign and cloud store contracts
● Pay rent by direct debit
● Access property documents
● Find details of utilities and meters
● Access details of Boiler Service Agreements
● Look at photos and floor plans
● Log repairs, watch progress, and rate the contractor
● Get help and support

By starting out on the right foot, tenants and landlords stand a much better chance of understanding and cooperating with one another in the long term. Happy tenants generally complain less, pay their rent on time, and stay in a property longer.

So if you want a smart way to treat renters as customers, download the app today and give your tenants their best lettings experience yet.

If you would like to find out more about how PlanetRent can support you and automate parts of the lettings process, please visit our website

You can read more about PlanetRent in The Times, Letting Agent Today, LandlordZone and Property Week.

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