Property Investment Consultancy Day

The Consultancy Day fast tracks you closer to your property investment goals, giving you direct access to years of experience, strategy and guidance that have seen our Owner Nicholas Wallwork achieve substantial success in the world of property (including a controlled £20million property portfolio and 3 different successful property businesses).

What can this property consultancy day teach you?

☆ Learn how to replace your current income through property investment
☆ Detailed guidance on property sourcing, renovating and building a thriving HMO portfolio
☆ Personalised strategy to achieve your investment goals within a set time frame
☆ Learn how to follow in the footsteps of a successful property developer & investor
☆ Get expert guidance on how to grow & diversify your current portfolio
☆ Learn how to make savings, maximise returns & minimise risk, every time you invest

This consultancy day saves you money

Having a property expert on your side is essential if you want your property investment strategy to deliver results in the fastest possible time and minimise any risks involved. A property expert has already faced unforeseen challenges and succeeded, and can help you reach your destination faster and more efficiently, protecting your cash and maximising your returns.

Whatever your level of experience and area of interest, this is your real-estate consultancy session and will be tailored to give you incredible one-to-one value. At the end of your consultation we will demonstrate the value we have added to your property investment strategy, by highlighting the savings you will make (which we guarantee will be higher than the cost of this consultancy day).

Specific expertise you can tap into during your property consultancy day

• Property Development Planning guidance
• Building control & regulatory advice
• HMO (House in Multiple Occupancy) licensing & the process
• Letting and managing property effectively
• Investment Property sourcing
• Property development techniques
• How to build supplier contacts AND discounts
• Access to Nicholas’ “Power Team” of property solicitors, accountants & consultants
• Creating multiple revenue streams
• Business management skills specific to running a successful property business
• Property Tax tips and tricks (always take further professional accounting advice)
• How to set up your property business quickly and correctly
• Help in deciding your own personal property investment strategy
• Specific deal / project work for existing investors or developers
• For existing developers: a days consultancy might give you another angle on your own project. Nicholas has worked on some very creative projects and he’ll be confident of earning his fee back (often 100x) in consultancy by looking at your development scheme objectively and from his unique asset management and design perspective.
• Tour Nicholas’ past projects which are setup and income generating
• Learn about what mindset it takes to succeed in property
• How to manage finance within your property business (bridge loans, commercial loans, buy-to-let mortgages, mezzanine financing, private equity funding and more…)
• How to buy property leaving none of your original investment in, allowing you to reinvest your capital into the next project
• How to market your property business
• How to earn passive income from property and be financially free.
And much, much more…The 3 day mentorship gives incredible value, with a substantial amount of one-on-one time to identify the best direction for your own portfolio growth, learn how to replicate Nicholas’s most successful investment strategies, and examine existing & potential investments. You will leave this consultancy with a clear and detailed investment strategy.

Who is Nicholas Wallwork?

A multi-millionaire property investor & developer who has built a successful controlled portfolio from scratch, worth in excess of £20million. He owns 3 other successful property businesses (a property development business, an investment consultancy and an investment sales and lettings business). Nicholas has achieved huge success at such a young age through his incredibly positive, driven and enthusiastic approach. He has set up this consultancy programme through his passion to help others succeed & build a successful career in property.

If you have any questions about our consultancy day, please email [email protected]

Chris’s Testimonial…

Mentored in HMOs & Property Development

Chris began his property investment journey in around 2012 with little relevant property investment/development experience. Three years later, he has built his personal property portfolio to over £10m by developing HMOs and multi-let properties for young professionals in the South East. The speed and level of his financial success in property was achieved under the guidance and consultancy of Nicholas Wallwork.

“I have always wanted to create a business in property as I know how lucrative it can be and I also wanted to have a quality of life with my family that wasn’t restricted by a 9-5 routine. I had seen Nicholas’s success and asked him to work together in 2012 when I made the decision that it was time to make a significant financial and lifestyle change. It was the right decision and I have never looked back from there. I’m very excited for the next 5 years to grow my portfolio even further. I cannot recommend Nicholas highly enough, not just for the incredible value and guidance he can bring to any budding property entrepreneur or experienced developer alike, but also as a highly ethical & dedicated property mentor with a genuine passion to help others succeed in property by furthering their property education.”

Robert’s Testimonial…

Mentored in HMOs, property refurbishments and commercial property to residential conversions.

Robert is a successful and busy journalist and author. He had a few property investments already but having met Nicholas and seen first hand his achievements in property, decided in 2014 to work more closely under his direct mentorship to build on his goals for a higher passive income level and increased property portfolio value. Nicholas has worked with and mentored Robert in the areas of HMOs (Houses in Multiple Occupation), property finance, property development and refurbishment. Within 2 years of starting Robert will have built his passive income from property (solely under the investment property mentorship) to a point where he can ease back the workload in his professional life. The mentoring is ongoing and Robert intends to further double his asset value in the coming 2 years, which would mean he can live comfortably on the passive income his newly acquired property assets generate.

“I have dabbled a fair bit in property investment over the years but it is only since I started working with Nicholas that I have truly appreciated how powerful property as an asset class can be if it’s put to good work and the right opportunities are acted upon. I am now on my third major re-development project under Nicholas’ expert guidance and once this current project is complete we will have built a property portfolio worth an estimated £2.8m in two years, which I’m extremely happy about. I could not have done this without this hands-on property mentorship with Nicholas Wallwork through I’d highly recommend investing the small cost of the property education/mentoring days because of the potential to earn this back many times over with the right advice.”