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Recent years have seen low interest rates which have made buy to let mortgages much more attractive. Strong rental markets, particularly in university towns and cities, and low interest rates have resulted in an increase in the number of investors wanting to add property ownership to their portfolio. Buy to Let mortgages are a great way to diversify investment or supplement pension income with regular rental contributions.

Buy-to-Let products include deals which have been specifically tailored by lenders to suit first time landlords, limited companies, properties in need of light refurbishment and Houses of Multiple Occupancy. Some Buy to Let mortgages are now being offered on deals up to 80% for both purchases and remortgages. Read more about Buy-to-Let Mortgages.

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As its name suggests, an interest only mortgage means you only repay the interest rate attached to your loan, not the actual loan itself. The flexibility of interest only mortgage rates mean that they are a popular choice for landlords who rent out multiple properties who would prefer not to sink too much investment into capital repayments. If they can secure a rate of monthly rent from the tenants that are greater than the interest only payments, then the investment will pay for itself.

The risk factor to bear in mind with interest only repayments is that the value of the property is not guaranteed to increase, but could fall instead. If this happens, the owner may have difficulty repaying the full balance of the loan. Lenders may require you to have a higher percentage of equity in the property before they agree to an interest only payment plan. Read more about Interest Only Mortgages.

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Mortgages for the over 50’s

Did you know mortgages are available up to the age of 95? Becoming a landlord over the age of 50 is perfectly achievable with the right advice.


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At The Mortgage Broker Ltd we cater for all types of enquiry. The most frequent enquiry we receive is the residential enquiry for a new house purchase or re-mortgage.

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Equity Release represents an opportunity to release cash (tax free) that is tied up within your property, without having to move home or make additional interest payments.

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