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My name is Nicholas Wallwork and I’m a multi-millionaire property investor living in the UK – and the new owner of I wanted to briefly introduce myself to you and give you all a flavor of my career so far in property and my future plans for the forum.

I fell into property in 2002 when I realised turning my first house into a small HMO (rather than living in it myself) made complete financial sense. HMOs and development were to form the key strategy of my property career. Aged just 24 I had no mortgage or bills to pay and could effectively retire (all be it modestly), teaching me a very early lesson that passive income from property was the way to build long term wealth and a flexible and comfortable lifestyle.

13 years on, I now control a property portfolio of over £20million and run and own a group of successful property businesses including a property investment consultancy, several property development companies, a lettings & management business and not to forget this Property Forum.

Any journey through property (or indeed life) is never all plain sailing and I definitely faced my share of challenges. Surviving the credit crunch was one of the biggest, teaching me many important lessons which I will share with you in the education and property forum section of this website as time goes on.

To be successful in any business including property you need to stay at the top of your game. This means continually educating yourself and improving your skills and knowledge to further your business and yourself. This is where forums give such incredible value. I have big plans to help educate our community members with helpful ebooks, training, seminars and much more as we develop out the Property Forum to be the best online training and education resource for property investment. We are already the largest international property forum and we now aim to become the largest and most useful property training and education resource available in the world. In 2016 we launched two Sky TV shows to provide property education and property investment deals to a new audience. You can read more our TV shows in the Education menu above.

I have used online property forums to educate myself in various areas of my business, which is why the opportunity to build this forum to it’s full potential was so exciting for me. I hope you and our other community members will help along the way in creating a community resource we can all be proud of.

Mentoring is a fantastic way to learn from someone who’s done it before and made all the mistakes already so that you don’t have to. But one-on-one mentoring from a true expert can be very expensive. Forums are mostly free to learn, ask questions, build contacts, educate yourself and put yourself a step ahead, which is why I can’t recommend highly enough to get on the forum and start chatting.

Myself and my team are enthusiastic to hear your ongoing feedback with the forum, it’s resources and functionality. Please do get in touch with my team with any feedback and ideas and I look forward to speaking with you on the forum.

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