Episode 3 of Property Forum's Chat Show and Podcast >

How to find authentic property education in an online world! PLUS how landlords are reacting to Covid-19 and which strategies are most affected.

DATE AIRED: Thursday 14th May, 3.00p.m.
HOSTED BY: Nicholas Wallwork, Property Forum’s CEO
GUEST SPEAKER: Vanessa Warwick, Landlord & Co-founder of www.propertytribes.com

Chat Show Topic...

Covid-19 has changed the world of Property Investment Education. With a sudden influx of webinars, ebooks and online courses, the opportunity for anyone wanting to learn about investing in property is vast. But being able to identify authentic, quality education from experienced professionals with genuine a track record, can be just as much a struggle online. Vanessa Warwick and Nicholas Wallwork have a shared passion for helping landlords, investors and ‘newbies’ find high-quality, high-value property education products, and avoid up-selling sales tactics and ‘get rich quick’ schemes. In this Chat Show episode, Vanessa and Nicholas discuss where to find the best property education products and how the education landscape is changing (and likely to continue to change in the next 6-12 months).

Owning two of the most respected property platforms in the industry (Property Tribes and Property Forum), Vanessa and Nicholas have their finger on the pulse with the problems their forum members (landlords, investors and developers) are facing right now due to Covid-19. They discuss these issues including which strategies will be most affected in the coming months.

This Chat Show covers:

• How landlords are reacting to Covid19 and what they are reporting as the main issues they are facing

• Which strategies (including Holiday Lets) will be most affected by Covid-19

• As property education moves online, what are the best sources of authentic, high-quality property education?

• With an influx of education trainers going on-line. How will guru marketing funnels be affected?

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Who should watch this Chat Show Podcast?

Property developers and investors who are considering their next move during the Coronavirus crisis, and anyone wanting to expand their property education knowledge.

Introducing Our Speakers...

Nicholas Wallwork

International For Dummies Author, Entrepreneur, Property Investor, Developer and CEO of www.propertyforum.com.

Vanessa Warwick

Landlord & Co-founder of propertytribes.com