Belinda Grashion – Property Mentor to Women

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“I help women (and their partners) to create Wealth, Time and Freedom through Property… so they can spend their days doing whatever gives them the most meaning”

If you truly want to fast track your journey to more…


…then my Elite Mastermind is designed to help you create financial freedom by using proven property strategies, while receiving FULL support from me and my team of property experts. Throughout this programme, we will hold your hand and teach you how to be safe and profitable!

Imagine never counting down the days until your next pay cheque!

Imagine being able to sack the boss!

Imagine having more time to do the things you love!

Imagine spending more quality time with family and loved ones!

All of my students are experiencing all of these plus so much more! They really are living life to the full!

This is a million miles away from the life I had. When I first started my property business I was a broke, newly divorced, after being a stay at home mum for 20 years, now a single mum who was on benefits then trying to scrape a living together as a massage therapist.  Everywhere I went people looked down on me as if I were worthless.  Even people close to me told me “You’ll never amount to anything.”

Then I discovered property and, despite the fact that I had very little confidence, no cash, bad credit (and a CCJ) and no experience in business – let alone property – I just kept on showing up and doing the best I could with what I had.

Fast forward 15 years and today I am a property Millionaire, Entrepreneur and a Wealth Mentor to women (and their partners) with complete freedom of choice over what I do with my time.

I choose to mentor as my passion in life is to help and support people just like you reach your idea of financial freedom to follow your dreams! I was asked by a close friend who had just lost her private pension through mismanagement, what I would do if I lost everything tomorrow. I knew that I could have my lifestyle back with in the year because of my knowledge around property. At that exact moment… I knew I couldn’t keep this to myself! I had to mentor!

I have worked with so many women and their partners and have seen their financial situation, quality of life and happiness change before my very eyes. For me, there’s no greater feeling!

I have carefully developed and designed this Elite Mastermind Programme for people who are seriously ready to change their lives. In order to complete this 12-month, fully supported programme… You must be an action taker! And want your life to change NOW…

Is that you?

Do you want to ‘sack the boss’ and seek the freedom that you truly desire? If so, this programme is for you! You may already have a small portfolio of properties but you want to catapult your business to the next level by doing ‘the’ deal to take you to complete financial freedom. If so, we’ve got you covered.

Take the first step today…

Live the life you love

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Join Belinda’s Elite Mastermind program…

For The First Time Ever, Belinda and Her Team Are Inviting You To Share Their World and Receive All Their Industry-Learned Tips And Tricks (and Mistakes!). The program includes…

• Over 15 Years of Property Investment experience distilled into a 12-month training course giving you access to the strategies that are working right now.

• Multi-Format Learning

• 8 full days of live events where you’ll meet in person with Belinda and her team.

• Deal Analyser Calls – you will have the ability to discuss all of your deals and research with Belinda’s expert team.

• Access to a growing collection of legal documents worth many thousands of pounds.

• Access to our trusted network of property professionals.

• Ongoing support every step of the way.

• You will be part of a small community that will encourage, support and nurture one another.

• Access to the Property Resources Vault.

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Client Testimonial – Bernadette

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Note: It’s important to note that I STILL USE THE STRATEGIES I TEACH.  These aren’t strategies that worked for me 15 years ago that  are now out of date. They are more relevant than ever and are proven to work in today’s market. I live and breathe these strategies every day! And so could you!
To read more about this life-changing programme please click here.

Contact Belinda and find out more today: email [email protected]