This week’s celebrity houses for sale

Several celebrities have recently put their homes on the market – can you guess which home belongs to which celeb?

Guess the celebrity home: Property 1

Can you guess which well-known author lives in this house? Some of her most popular books were written while she was living here. This lady and her family moved out of the property almost three years ago, but it has only just gone on the market at a cool £2.5million.

Guess the celebrity home: Property 2

What do you think of this California ranch? Found in the city of Ojai, the property boasts a swimming pool, equestrian facilities and three (three!) separate guest cottages.

How much? It’s on the market for $6,100,00.

Guess the celebrity home: Property 3

Fancy a spell in Connecticut? This farmhouse in Pomfret, Connecticut dates back to 1770. Pomfret is a small town, with a population of only 3,800 inhabitants. The Hollywood actress that lives here has put her home on the market for just under £1million. Can you guess whose home this is?

Guess the celebrity home: Property 4

Listed at just under £10,000,000, this Idaho ski lodge is just waiting for the right buyer! This Hailey, Idaho-based property is set within a 20-acre plot, giving the new owner plenty of room to relax.

With 6 bedrooms and over 6000 sq/ft if space, this would make a lovely holiday home for any family! Aparently the film star owner is only selling because they just can’t find the time for a visit – let’s hope that the new owner makes the most of it!

Guess the celebrity home: Property 5

Guess which talk-show host lives here? This gorgeous Manhattan penthouse retailed for just under £5million. With three bedrooms and wrap-around spacious terraces (with stunning views of the New York skyline) it’s a surprised that the super-wealthy owner never actually lived here. Instead, the talk-show guru rented it out to friends for several years, before selling it at a tidy profit.

Here are the answers!

  • Property 1: J K Rowling
  • Property 2: Reece Witherspoon
  • Property 3: Renee Zellweger
  • Property 4: Bruce Willis
  • Property 5: Oprah Winfrey

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