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Unique TV exposure for your property industry business

Getting your company on SKY TV is far more affordable than you might think.
Property TV (SKY Channel 189) is the UK’s only television channel dedicated entirely
to all things ‘property’, reaching a peak daily audience of over 238,000 UK viewers.
We are seeking property experts for our next TV series on SKY… could that be you?

Your SKY TV appearance will be seen by…

Up to 238,000 UK viewers of Property TV (SKY’s dedicated property channel)
Over 64,000 property investors, landlords and developers across www.propertyforum.com
Over 90,000 landlords, investors, developers and property professionals across social media channels

Grow your brand to become a recognised name in the property industry.
Book your SKY TV appearance now…

What’s included in the price?
The price includes an appearance on 1 episode of Property Forum’s Chat Show (scroll down to see an example of filming quality and format). You will appear alongside another 2 guests, each having 8-10 minutes of TV exposure to showcase your expertise. The price is inclusive of training and support from our team and use of the broadcast footage afterwards (for you to place on your website and share on your social media). There are no hidden costs or fees.

Why choose TV?
You might not have considered TV as a marketing option before on the assumption it would be too costly. Property Forum’s Chat Show has been specifically designed as a solution to this financial barrier for companies of all sizes in the property industry. This is a unique chance to gain incredible exposure and build strong trust in your brand.


Professional TV team supporting you
Each episode is not filmed live, so there is no pressure to get everything right on your first take. You will be supported by our professional team throughout the entire process… from agreeing in advance the questions you will answer… to what to wear… to training and tips on how to come across at your best on screen.


Ongoing brand exposure and lead generation
There are several ongoing benefits to your TV appearance, even after the show itself has aired. The episode will feature permanently on www.propertyforum.com (the world’s largest international property forum) providing both ongoing lead generation and huge SEO benefits to your company website. You will also be given an official ‘As Seen On TV’ logo which Property TV allows all of it’s guests to use on your website and in your marketing materials.





In 2016 Property Forum launched it’s own Chat Show series on SKY which reached a new UK audience with an appetite for property education, property deals and expert knowledge. Each episode features a panel of 3 property industry experts from complimentary (not competing) businesses, who answer questions from our 64,000 forum members that directly relate to their area of expertise. This allows companies to showcase their skill set, promote their services and established trust in their brand. The new series of Property Forum’s Chat Show is being filmed in a state-of-the-art studio. The video below shows the quality and format you can expect from a TV appearance with us. If you have any questions please contact our friendly team today.






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