UK TV show searching for young Brits looking at building their own home overseas

UK TV show searching for young Brits looking at building their own home overseas

UK TV show searching for young Brits looking at building their own home overseas

We have been approached by a TV company looking to put together a series for Channel 4 called “Plot Hunters” which will feature young Brits who have been looking at buying land overseas to build their own home or rebuild an existing property. This is a very interesting opportunity for anybody looking to feature their new property venture on a prime-time TV show and further details can be found below.

So, what exactly are they looking for and could you be in line for a prime-time TV appearance?

Age group

A number of recent surveys have suggested more and more young Brits, those in their 30s, are growing frustrated about the UK property market and the fact that many first-time buyers are now effectively priced out of UK property. As a consequence it seems that investment opportunities with a maximum price of £100,000 are attracting individuals from the UK to areas such as new Europe, taking in Croatia, Bulgaria, Romania, not to mention Egypt, Cambodia and some parts of the US which have had a very difficult time over the last few years.

Quote from : “We are a TV company looking for people who are thinking about, or might have already bought a property abroad. We’re particularly interested in people who are considering buying land, or a property that needs to be built from scratch or converted. If you’ve done this already we’d still like to hear your story.”

If you have recently acquired a property overseas to renovate, or perhaps a plot of land to build your dream home, then please feel free to contact the production team using the link below. They are also interested in those who have perhaps recently completed their own development overseas so whether you are at the planning stage, are midway through or you have completed your venture, you could soon be a TV star.

Trends in the worldwide property market

As we touched on above, the UK property market has risen significantly over the last couple of years despite the fact that the economy is only now beginning to come to life. As a consequence many first-time buyers in the UK have been priced out of the market and therefore those looking overseas for new property, renovations or new builds are growing in number. The program “Plot Hunters” could be perfectly timed as this trend continues to strengthen and it is difficult to see UK property prices falling significantly in the short to medium term.

While places such as Croatia, Bulgaria, Romania, Egypt, Cambodia, Florida and other parts of the US have been identified as potential areas of interest, perhaps you are looking elsewhere? It is the shift from relatively expensive property to relatively cheap property which is of most interest to the production team and will be the focal point of the program if it comes to air.

How to contact the production team?

Simply click on the link below to contact the production team and send a private message to us which we will forward to them. We have chosen this option to ensure that any spam is kept to a minimum and nobody’s time is wasted. So, could you be the first star of the forthcoming “Plot Hunters” television programme?


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