Do drones have a role to play in marketing real estate?

The last couple of years have seen a significant increase in the use of drones for various business activities. We have the likes of Amazon trialling a drone delivery system and now it seems as though the real estate sector will make use of this relatively cheap and exciting technology. There is still some legislation to sort regarding use of drones in public areas but this will be resolved fairly quickly if recent headlines are anything to go by.

So, what kind of role could drones have in the real estate marketing sector?

Simple and cost-effective

We have seen great developments in the areas of video and remote-controlled drones offering the ability to add professional quality video to real estate websites. Some websites have made use of traditional video technology but the ability to give aerial views is certainly having an impact on potential buyers. When you also take into account the relatively low cost of these extremely reliable drones together with the range of video technology now available it was seemingly only a matter of time before the two sectors were tied together.

Unique selling point

Whether you are looking to the US, UK or any other real estate market around the world the key to getting the best price is marketing your property to the correct people. Once you have identified potential investors then the key is to make yourself stand out from the rest. We have seen amazing developments with online presentations in recent times but the use of video drones certainly takes this to a different level. Once the major real estate marketing companies fully embrace video drones then we will see a move to en masse use across the sector.

It will also be interesting to see how video drones are used to show the area surrounding a property for sale. It is very easy to list local amenities, local attractions and the basic characteristics of a home but aerial video footage would make it that much more real.

Long-distance real-time appointments

Once the industry has mastered the art of video drones, and there are many video drone companies targeting the sector, perhaps we might then move to real-time virtual appointments? Can you imagine the ability to view a property via a real-time video drone from the comfort of your armchair? While this may be some way down the line we have already seen the introduction of so-called “virtual appointments” and long-distance real-time viewings may not be too far away.

The ability to offer real-time/video drone footage to potential investors, using the Internet, will open up markets and increase the number of potential buyers. Nothing quite beats a hands on approach to a property you are looking to buy but in the event that this is not possible then real-time video drone services could be a useful alternative. Once the major players in the real estate market begin to move towards video drones and potential long-distance real-time appointments the rest will be forced to follow.

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