Overseas Calls Using T-Mobile or Orange

We have teamed up with Dial-a-Code, an amazing new service that lets you make international calls from any T-Mobile or any Orange PAYG sim at unbeatable rates. With Dial-a-Code, all you do is dial our short, 6 digit, code access number (which starts with 29), then the full international number you require starting with 00. All calls are deducted per second from your phone credit!

  • Cheap international calls on your mobile from just 3p/min
  • Works on any T-Mobile or Orange PAYG Sim
  • No connection fee or minimum call charges
  • All calls deducted per second from your phone credit
  • One great rate 24/7
  • Over 400 destinations
  • No contract or sign up required
  • High call quality

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a special SIM card to use Dial-a-Code?
No, the service works on all T-Mobile and Orange Pay-As-You-Go sim cards. So if you already on Orange or T-Mobile, you can call right now. If not, don’t worry – you can pick up a Pay-As-You-Go SIM from most local stores.

How can I be sure what T-Mobile or Orange will charge me for dialing the short code?
The rates T-Mobile & Orange charge for dialing our special six digit short codes, starting ‘29’ are shown with each destination. You can confirm these rates on the network operators own websites by entering any of the short codes in the search function to locate the latest pricing document or use the links below.

Click here to check Orange pricing information.

Click here to check T-Mobile pricing information.

What are the charges to dial the new short codes on other networks?
The charges outlined this website are specifically for T-Mobile & Orange users calling the new short codes. Calls from other networks will not connect to these short codes

Is there any additional charge other than those advertised?
No. Dial-A-Code have exclusively negotiated with T-Mobile & Orange to ensure our short codes have no connection fee, no minimum call charges, are billed per second, and have absolutely no hidden charges. You will only be charged the advertised pence per minute all-inclusive rate for the country you wish to call.

How do I get a T-Mobile or Orange SIM
You can pick up Pay-As-You-Go SIM cards from most local stores

Will Dial-a-Code bill me for these calls – how do I get charged?
No, all calls are billed – per second – by T-Mobile or Orange directly. You will not receive any charges or additional bills from us

Which countries can I call?
You can call over 400 destinations on Dial-a-Code. Simply enter the country you wish to call in the search tool bar to find the short code you need along with the pence per minute to call that number from your mobile.

I used to use 07755 access numbers from T-Mobile is this the same service?
Yes, if you used to use 07755 numbers on your T-Mobile sim this service works exactly the same all that has changed is the access codes 29 xx xx which are now much easier to remember. 07755 numbers will be removed from service this year . T-Mobile bill you directly as before and the rates remain the same or in some cases have been reduced to save you even more money.

I can’t dial the short-code because the new Orange sim card I bought won’t connect, why?
No problem, if the sim card is over 2 years old it won’t automatically register on the Orange network. You simply need to call Orange customer services on 0800 0790006 and they will activate the sim card for you

Still haven’t found the answer to your international calls question, simply email [email protected] and they will get back to you within 48 hours.

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