International payments savings for new clients of Barclays Wealth International

  • New clients save a minimum of £25 on each international payment1
  • Savings also available on a range of other online payments

Barclays Wealth International has introduced an exclusive offer for new clients, which provides significant savings on a range of online payments. Clients who apply for an international bank account with Barclays Wealth International before 6 January 2012 will enjoy the following savings until 14 January 2013:

  • Reduced fees on international payments – standard payment charge is waived
  • No fees on cross-currency transfers between Barclays accounts
  • No fees on euro payments within Europe2
  • Free same-day sterling payments (CHAPS payments)

The potential savings for new clients are significant. International clients make on average three international payments each month. By taking advantage of this exclusive offer, an international client making 3 international payments a month could save £900 in one year.

As the international banking division of Barclays, Barclays Wealth International also has the FX expertise to help clients make cross-currency payments at competitive rates. Moving money for less is just one aspect of the comprehensive banking service Barclays Wealth International provides. In addition to multi-currency accounts, investments and savings products, clients can access their accounts when and where they need to online and by phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week3.

This special offer is available to new international clients who open an account with Barclays Wealth International from now until 6 January 2012. It is not available to residents of the Channel Islands, Isle of Man and Gibraltar or to students. Full details of the offer and conditions can be found here:

Mark Richards, Managing Director, Head of Sales for Barclays Wealth International & Wealth Intermediaries, commented: “For our clients, being able to make international payments easily and online at the touch of a button is an important factor in managing their wealth effectively. We are pleased to be able to provide this offer which enables new international clients to make unlimited same day payments and international transfers with no standard fees, resulting in potentially large savings. Coupled with our recently enhanced foreign exchange service, we believe this to be an attractive proposition to those clients looking to open an international bank account with Barclays Wealth International.”

Barclays Wealth currently offers all international clients a number of free payments and transfers as standard, including; non-urgent payments, transfers between a client’s own Barclays Wealth accounts and standard payments such as bill payments to third parties.


1.Based on current online international payment charges of £25-30 per transaction.

2.Not available for accounts held in the Isle of Man, Jersey or Guernsey which are outside the eurozone. In this context “Europe” means the Single European Payments Area, covering the 27 member states of the EU, plus Iceland, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Norway and Switzerland.

3. Access to telephone and internet banking facilities may be limited in some countries due to the prohibited transmission of encrypted data over telephone lines. Please contact your local embassy to check your country’s legal position.

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