New marinas to open in Turkey to boost its investment opportunities

New marinas in Turkey to boost position as yachting destination

New marinas in Turkey could attract more property investors as the country aims to position itself as a major yachting destination and attract business away from popular Mediterranean locations.

The latest project to be announced is a 400 berth marine in the Turkish Aegean resort of Cesme from international marina operator Camper & Nicholson. Located in the shadow of an imposing Genoese fort that dominates the seaside town, the new marina development will include a sophisticated waterfront arcade, designed by Atelier Xavier Bohl, creators of the world famous Port Grimaud in St Tropez.

‘The marina should breathe new life into the town’s waterfront, while promoting Cesme to a wider international audience of holidaymakers and property buyers,’ said Dominic Whiting, editor of the Buying in Turkey guide.

The opening of the Cesme marina comes shortly after the inauguration of the $70 million, 600 berth D-Marin marina in the Turkish resort of Didim last year. There is also speculation that work on a long-stalled marina in Dalaman will commence next year.

These new marinas are part of the Turkish government’s ambitious strategy to increase marina capacity along the country’s Aegean and Mediterranean coastline from 25,000 berths to over 50,000 berths by 2023.

‘The ultimate aim is to double the country’s share of the lucrative Mediterranean yacht tourism market from 5% at present to 10%,’ added Whiting.

Located outside the eurozone, Turkey is attracting boat owners with its lower mooring fees and cheaper cost of living, as well as its unspoilt coastline. Developers point out that property close to Turkish marinas is available at a fraction of what it would cost in France, Spain or Portugal.

Some environmentalists though are keeping a watch on these super marinas amid concern about their impact. They are also concerned about golf developments. In Bodrum there are worries about a new golf project near the village of Camlik.

The Blue Way Initiative, a local environmental organization, said not only is it to be built on prime agricultural land but the high water demand could have local supplies.

Bodrum Mayor Mehmet Kocadon said though that all the necessary research regarding the construction area had been conducted. He pledged that the local underground water supply would not be affected and chemicals used for the grass should not damage the flora or pollute the underground water.

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