Wolf of Wall Street character’s former Long Island mansion on market for $3.4 million

Jordan Belfort was one of the characters portrayed in “The Wolf Of Wall Street” with none other than Leonardo DiCaprio playing the man himself. The movie was a very graphical portrayal of the US financial sector with one scene depicting Jordan Belfort landing a helicopter in the backyard of this Long Island mansion allegedly under the influence of drink and narcotics. Whether this is a true portrayal of the life and times of Jordan Belfort is debatable however the property can be yours for just $3.4 million.

Good value at $3.4 million?

The shadow of Jordan Belfort has long left the Old Brookville, Long Island mansion, with the property seized by the federal government in 2001 and sold to pay back a staggering $110 million Belfort owed to fraud victims. The property covers a 2 acres of prime real estate with living space covering 8706 ft.². There are five bedrooms and we will now take you through what is an exquisite, beautifully decorated and expertly designed property.

Two story foyer

You might think a two story foyer is nothing special in this day and age, especially with the property listed at $3.4 million, but this really is something different. The chessboard designed floor is eye-catching, the furniture is out of this world and you feel as though you are walking up to heaven with the beautifully designed staircase.

Living room/ballroom

Once you step into the living room you feel as though you’re being taken back to a bygone age of luxury with no expense spared. The wall decor is breathtaking, the mix of new and old furniture is perfect and the size of the living room, described as the same size as a ballroom, ensures you have more than enough space.

Billiards room

Which man has never dreamed of having a billiards room? Well, this billiards room has its own walk in wet bar and what is described as a coffered ceiling. Like so many areas of the house, it does seem to take you back to the bygone age when billiards rooms were commonplace amongst the rich and famous. There is space to relax between frames, the billiards table itself looks extremely expensive and you can enjoy a liquid beverage or two while you chat.


Have you ever seen a kitchen with two chandeliers? Well not only does this kitchen have two very expensive chandeliers but it also boasts a six burner Viking range, double oven and two dishwashers. In fact, when you walk into the kitchen it feels like a rest area with old-style storage facilities and an “island” where you can enjoy preparing and eating your food.

Master suite

In the world of the rich and famous we are used to seeing master suites which take up a significant portion of a property’s floor space, but nothing quite like this! This master suite literally has its own wing with a four poster bed, excellent views across the gardens, its own fireplace and chairs in which it would not be difficult to fall asleep. There is a white coloured theme throughout the house which is refreshing and cool.

Is this property undervalued?

When you look inside the property you do seem to be getting a lot for $3.4 million. The decor is exquisite, the furniture is beautiful and the overall design of the property will literally take your breath away. The house has a history which will always be a subject of conversation but even the most controversial of shadows would find it difficult to outshine the character and the beauty of this property.

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