Michael Feinstein relists his Upper East Side mansion for $16 million

To describe Michael Feinstein as a musician is an understatement as he is a singer, pianist and a “musical revivalist”. However, even Michael Feinstein and his husband have struggled to sell their Upper East Side mansion which has been placed back on the market for a discounted $16 million. We will take you on a journey through the property which is as breathtaking as it is mind blowing money.

Second time of asking

The records show that Michael Feinstein and his husband Terence Flannery placed their Upper East Side mansion on the market back in 2013 with an asking price of $18 million. With little or no interest the property was withdrawn where a major makeover was undertaken although strangely the asking price today is a discounted $15.9 million. So, this property at East 63rd Street in Lenox Hill has received an expensive makeover but the asking price has fallen?

What do you get for $15.9 million?

Well, this is a five story townhouse which has six bedrooms, eight bathrooms, large “backyard” and 6160 ft.² of living space. This is not a small property!

If you look back to 2004/2005 you will find that the couple spent a total of $6.8 million on two neighbouring properties. These properties were later converted into one mansion, which is for the one for sale today, and the recent makeover saw the rooms widened, the introduction of a meditation terrace and a gym on the top floor. The couple have been active in the real estate market in years gone by but have been winding down their property assets in recent months.

Living area

The living area looks like a regal palace with floor-to-ceiling windows letting in an array of natural light while high-end couches and chairs adorn the room. The walls certainly attract your attention with traditional artwork and contemporary pieces not to mention a large antique mirror. The centre of the room sees a very expensive rug which goes perfectly with the cream/dark decor. In the corner we can see a piano which is obviously the signature of Michael Feinstein.

Kitchen area

The kitchen is absolutely huge and while relatively narrow it is extremely long. The cream and white decor is continued in this room and we can also see some contemporary artwork on the wall. The dark wooden floor and formal dining table go perfectly with the white/cream decor. This is certainly one of the largest kitchens we have ever seen with cupboards and storage facilities aplenty and, as you would expect, any amount of kitchen equipment.

Walk-in wardrobe

When we say walk-in wardrobe this is probably the size of a traditional bedroom with jackets and shirts racked neatly with shoes and other clothing. Between Michael Feinstein and his partner they have certainly filled up this walk-in wardrobe with no space left on the hangers or the shelves. It is quite literally a tumble from the bedroom into the walk-in wardrobe and time to get ready!

Stunning views

Whether relaxing in the ground floor garden or checking out the skyline from the roof garden, there are stunning views aplenty across every floor of this property. The array of floor-to-ceiling windows not only lets in an abundance of natural light but allows you to enjoy the views right across the city from top to bottom. While the property has been reduced in price, after being the subject of a major makeover, some properties towards the higher end are proving very difficult to move on. However, the regal look, the five story structure and the beautiful views must surely count for something in today’s real estate market?

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