Jeff Greene knocks $66 million off the price of his Beverly Hills mansion

Jeff Greene has reportedly slashed the asking price of his Palazzo di Amore mansion in Beverly Hills from $195 million to a mere $129 million. The property was designed by Mohammed Hadid and was once the most expensive property in the world. Even though the Palazzo di Amore mansion has lost that title it is still an example of extravagance beyond the realms of anyone’s imagination. So, what do you get for $129 million?


The property was originally acquired for $35 million in 2007 with more than $25 million spent on redevelopment over an eight-year period. The billionaire property developer Greene knew what he wanted, knew where to get it and was not afraid to splash out $25 million. Back in November 2014 the property was put on the market for a staggering $195 million although there was no interest. Reluctantly Jeff Greene was forced to withdraw the property from the market instead choosing to rent it out to the Saudi royal family for a staggering $475,000 a month.

While the most expensive property in the US was priced at $250 million, we can only imagine what you get for the princely sum of $129 million.

Bedrooms and bathrooms galore

While there are 12 bedrooms and 23 bathrooms in the Palazzo di Amore development that might not sound an awful lot for an asking price of $129 million. However, when you learn that the master suite itself has a footprint of a staggering 5000 ft.², these are not just your average run-of-the-mill bedrooms. The whole house covers a staggering 38,000 ft.² and comes with its own helicopter, car and art collection not to mention seven full-time staff.

It really is difficult to know where to start with this property because there is so much going on!


The development comes with a 15,000 square-foot entertainment complex which includes a ballroom, revolving dance floor, DJ Booth and a state-of-the-art laser light system. The 50 seater theatre and bowling alley can entertain up to 250 guests and the house itself can play host to 1000 people. Yes, this property is such a size that you can entertain 1000 people at a time without invading each other’s space!

There are also “a number of tennis courts and swimming pools” which quite literally beggars belief when the sales literature does not even mention numbers.

Entering heaven

When you consider that the entrance hall opens up onto two marble staircases and is itself two stories high, this says everything. Exquisite artwork, statues and the most expensive decor you will ever see. A detached guesthouse, enormous bedrooms, exquisite bathrooms not to mention a dining room fit for royalty really do take this house to a different level.

The gardens are enormous, immaculately manicured with an array of fountains and water features dotted all over the place. For those who like a tipple in the evening there is a vineyard not to mention a wine cellar which is able to accommodate 13,000 bottles. If we were to cover each room individually we would be here forever. When you consider the property was initially acquired for $35 million, with a further $25 million spent on redevelopment, there is still a substantial profit on the new $129 million asking price even though the price has been slashed by a phenomenal $66 million.

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