Jane Fonda buys $5.45 million townhome

They say you can never keep a good lady down and this perfectly describes Jane Fonda who recently split with her boyfriend Richard Perry. The 79-year-old actress (is she really that old?) is also strong in aerobics as well as a political activist. So, where did she find the time to peruse her brand-new four bedroom property in Century City, Los Angeles?

Yours for $5.45 million

Official records show that the property has changed hands for $5.45 million and there is also confirmation that Jane Fonda is the buyer. This property boasts an impressive 6679 ft.² of living space as well as an array of other amenities. There is an extremely large kitchen, family room as well as a private courtyard situated on the ground floor together with a three car garage. Even though the actress has slightly downsized after her recent split this is still a significant sized property for one person!

A tour of the property

The second floor of this property houses two master suites as well as two guest bedrooms. We can only guess that Jane Fonda will be putting her immaculate style on these bedrooms and the property as a whole. If we move up to the third floor there is a private office as well as an outdoor patio to take in the sunrays of Los Angeles. When travelling up and down the various floors becomes a little challenging the private elevator may well come in handy!

This is a beautiful house which is stylish, spacious and offers the opportunity to entertain inside and outside the property. There is also an array of famous neighbours one of which is comedian Bob Newhart – so Miss Fonda will not be short of a laugh or two.

Moving on

Earlier this year Jane Fonda put together a video as she placed her Trousdale Estates home on the market with a $13 million price-tag. There were comments as to why Miss Fonda was taking such a personal interest in the sale of the property because a celebrity video is fairly rare. Many celebrities prefer to keep in the background when buying and selling property to avoid any undue attention.

While her previous home was a little larger at 7100 ft.² it seemed to pack a lot more into the property compared to her new abode. There were no suggestions that Miss Fonda and partner Richard Perry were on the verge of splitting up at the time. Interestingly the listed Trousdale Estates property has been taken off the market. Has it been sold or have the two parties come to an amicable agreement?

Celebrity real estate

Over the last few months we have seen a number of celebrities downsizing their property portfolios and many have also downsized their living quarters. Whether this is a sign of concern in the US real estate market remains to be seen because Donald Trump is certainly not having everything his own way. His latest excursions into Syria have not exactly gone down too well with the US public with many now branding him a loose cannon.

So far the expected upturn in US real estate has been built upon sentiment as opposed to a stronger economy and less red tape. However, it would be unfair to judge Donald Trump on his presidency today but time is running out – investors and the general public will want to see at least some movement on the economy. After all that is what he promised……



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