Emmy Rossum selling her $1.1 million New York City property

Emmanuelle Grey Rossum (to give the famous actress her full name) is a director and singer/songwriter but best known for her role in the popular Shameless series. Born in September 1986, at a mere 30 years of age she has invested heavily, and successfully, in the US real estate market. Even though her property was recently featured in a well-known home decor magazine it seems she is ready to give up her New York City abode for $1.1 million.

What do you get for $1.1 million?

The property in question is situated on East 57th Street in Manhattan and is one of a number of properties the actress currently holds. The property has had a serious makeover with Brooklyn born designer Antonio Buzzetta given the unenviable task of building a property to Emmy Rossum’s distinct taste. It is rumoured that she asked the designer to create something “chic, European, the look of a modern girl who has inherited her grandmother’s stuff”. Make of that what you will!

In simple terms it seems as though Emmy Rossum was looking for a property which gave an impression of youthful energy with classical old-fashioned touches. So, what was the end result?

Classic and modern

It may be hard to envisage a property which is both classic and modern in design but if anything Emmy Rossum has achieved this. The circa 1928 building which houses the one-bedroom apartment does itself offer a blast from the past. Inside the apartment there is an array of antiques with herringbone floors, casement windows and custom closets in every room. There is also some exquisite attention to detail with the living room fireplace faced with a 19th century marble finish using material flown in from Paris.


The bathroom is designed using a grey marble material which fits in perfectly with the white bath, toilet and wash basin. It is surprising to see how much equipment has been built into the bathroom area while still giving a spacious look. There is no doubt that space is at a premium but Emmy Rossum and her designer have certainly maximised this.


The kitchen is a rather unique affair with a long relatively narrow floorspace surrounded by cupboards, drawers and the latest kitchen equipment. The dark brown coloured units would normally give a distinctly “dark look” to this area but the expert lighting and the white worktops complement this perfectly. It is different, it may not be to everybody’s taste but again a lot of equipment has been expertly shoehorned into a relatively small area.


The bedroom offers a classic look and feel with an interesting use of dark and light colouring, focal point lighting together with a large classic style bed all within a relaxing environment. Again, the room looks spacious but there is more than enough furniture to make it cosy but uncluttered. On one hand this room looks extremely classy while on the other it also gives a modern youthful look. Exactly as Emmy Rossum requested!

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