Cyndi Lauper puts her Connecticut house on the market

Cyndi Lauper has a music career which goes back decades and whether or not you like your music, we all know a tune or two from her songsheet. It has been revealed that she has placed her Connecticut house on the market, the home where she wrote “Kinky Boots”, with a modest $1.25 million asking price. The singer and her husband Dave Thornton bought the property from shoe tycoon Vince Camuto back in the 1980s. This is one of the most eye-catching, decorative, colourful and classy homes that we have reviewed over the last few months.

Cyndi Lauper’s home

It is believed that Cyndi Lauper wrote five of her popular albums in Stamford, Connecticut inside this three bedroom, 3.5 bathroom estate. It is a French colonial style property with its own private road, panoramic views of the nearby lake and above all exceptional privacy – indeed you would hardly know it was there!

Entering the property

There is such attention to detail that even the front door, a 19th century English manor door, was shipped over from North London to complete the look. The roof to the property is described as “cedar mansard” and perfectly fits the style of the property. The entrance to the home is a beautiful stepped path surrounded by trees on either side, giving a very homely look.

Once you enter the property it will literally take your breath away with the style and finish of French country stylist Howard Kaplan there for all to see. The walls and the ceilings are intricately stencilled, something which was done by hand via a press imported specifically from Italy. The tiled floor is a montage of different colours and the entrance hall itself is vast. There extremely large windows letting in an array of natural light, a wood-burning fireplace and steps up to the next level.


The kitchen displays all the hallmarks of a French country classic even down to the style of kitchen fixtures and fittings. The kitchen island is topped with a beautiful wooden workspace and the kitchen has an array of mod cons. These mod cons fit in perfectly with the old style look bringing the old and the new together in perfect harmony. Homely, plenty of space and all of the mod cons you could ask for, need we say more?


The bathroom style and tiles will literally play games with your mind because the toilet, sinks and the bath are created from 19th century French pieces. The extremely colourful and eye-catching tiles are from 20th century England continuing a theme across the home. You could say that Cyndi Lauper has her own style, a style which manages to bring modern and old together in perfect harmony, just like her musical hits.

The upper floor

The upper floor of the property is dominated by an array of beautiful beams which stretch right across the roof. This perfectly fits in with the wooden balcony and furniture giving you a bird’s eye look over the entrance hall. This is the perfect place to sit back, kick off your shoes and relax in a quiet, peaceful environment.

Individual style

While the property has been emptied of furniture due to the impending sale you can still see the amazing tiled flooring throughout Cyndi Lauper’s home. Each of the rooms has a slightly different style and colouring offering a refreshing look. At just $1.25 million we would be very surprised if the property was still on the market in six months.

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