America’s priciest properties

American real estate is usually excellent value for money. Housing in the US is traditionally spacious and is characterised by its affordability, but there are exceptions to this rule. The next 5 properties are the most expensive properties currently on the American housing market. Which is YOUR favourite?

Jackson, Wyming

In Jackson, Wyoming, $175 million will just about buy you a starter home. The good news is that you’ll have room to build, and plenty of it. The Jackson Ranch currently only has a 3-bed property, but there’s plenty of room for expansion and the land itself is prime real estate.

The Jackson Ranch is situated within a 1,750-acre estate, including trout fishing ponds, cattle ranch, incredible views of the Tretons and a professional-grade equestrian suite. Jackson Hole is very popular with celebrities – Harrison Ford and Robert Redford both have homes here.

Fleur de Lys, Beverly Hills, California

Fleur de Lys has been up for sale since 2006, but the owner hasn’t once lowered the $125 million (£77,388,569.12) asking price. Reputed to be “the most beautiful estate in America”, the Fleur de Lys is owned by Suzanne Saperstein, former wife of the businessman David Saperstein.

Fleur de Lys has 12 bedrooms and 15 bathrooms, as well as a separate guest house for entertaining. The property occupies 35,000 sq/ft, but it is the architecture itself which is most impressive – the Versailles-style design, use of marble flooring and limestone brickwork transforms the estate into a highly covetable listing. In addition, there is also a 50-seat movie theatre, several kitchens, a ballroom, gym facilities and pool house.

The Woolworth Estate, New York City

As you can see from the grand entrance-way, the Woolworth Estate is quite the property. It was designed by architect Charles Pierpont Henry Gilbert when the retail magnate Frank Holworth commissioned him to build 3 townhouses along Manhattan’s Upper East Side. The houses were intended for Holworth’s daughters, and this listing is the middle of those 3 properties.

The house is 5 storeys high and, at 35 feet wide, is much more expansive than your typical Manhattan townhouse. How much? Well, at $90,000,000 (£55,745,743.27) it’s not exactly a condo, but at 20,000 sq/ft, with 10 bedrooms (and 12 bathrooms) it’s as big a central New York property as you’re going to get.

Tranquility, Zephyr Cove, Nevada

Homes along the Nevada side of Lake Tahoe can be as much as 100% more expensive than their Californian counterparts on the other side of the river. That’s doesn’t seem very fair, does it?

Zephr Cove is one of the most desirable Nevada locations, and this particular sprawling estate is a prime example of property perfection. The house is spread across 9 different buildings and it even has its very own lake! There are private docks (with boathouse), a selection of items of architectural and historical significance (including a replica of the grand staircase in the Titanic), a basketball court (professional standard, of course!), golf courts, an art studio and stable – all within an impressive 20,000 acres!

The asking price currently stands at $75 million (£46,456,529.21) and it’s all yours for the taking!

Versailles, Windermere, Florida

David Siegel’s Florida home has yet to be completed. Siegel, a former timeshare magnate, began building Versailles ten years ago and has never been able to finish it. The property was intended to be the largest private residence in America, but Siegel lost a great deal of money during the crash and no longer has the funds to complete the building works. The property is for sale at $75 million (or $100 million completed).

How much does YOUR dream property cost?

You can use the International Mortgage Calculator to find out the cost of your dream property.

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