America’s most expensive house yours for just $250 million!

Yes, you read the figure correctly America’s most expensive house is now up for sale with an asking price of $250 million. The property was designed and built by developer Bruce Makowsky and with an asking price of $250 million it is beyond the realms of luxury. Before we look at the house in more detail this property covers 38,000 ft.² and took more than 300 people over four years to build. This is not sky high luxury this is luxury on a different planet!

So what do you get for $250 million?

When you bear a mind the previous record price for a property in the USA was $147 million back in 2014 this is a significant jump to $250 million. Before we even begin to look at the property the price includes a helicopter and a staggering $30 million worth of rare automobiles.

View over Bel-Air

This four level property offers unbelievable views over Bel-Air, Los Angeles making you feel as though you are literally sitting on top of the world. We can only imagine what the land itself would be worth in this area of the world let alone the property with its decadent luxury. One thing is for certain, you will never be bored looking across the Los Angeles skyline.

Willy Wonka room

We are all children at heart but this property takes this to a totally different level with a Willy Wonka candy room containing an array of clear glass football tables and a candy wall which cost a staggering $200,000. We have all seen the Willy Wonka film – now is your opportunity to live the dream.

Vintage cars

One level of the property contains a staggering $30 million worth of vintage cars which come as part of the $250 million asking price. These are vehicles which are in simple terms irreplaceable and could be seen as an investment in their own right. Lamborghinis, Ferraris and Bentleys adorn this level and you will never get bored looking at these.

The $2 million floating staircase

The main dining room in this property is spacious, beautifully designed and has its own floating staircase which is rumoured to have cost a staggering $2 million itself. If you can spend $2 million on the staircase you can only begin to imagine what else the property has to offer.

James Bond themed theatre

Well, no luxury household is complete without its own theatre which in this case is a 40 seater luxury experience. These are not your push-up and pushed down cinema seats, these are plush top of the range single and double seats allowing you to put your feet up and enjoy the movie.

Four lane bowling alley

We are starting to see a theme of leisure, luxury and relaxation with news that the property comes with its own four lane bowling alley. You now have the chance to jump from your own plush movie theatre to the competitive bowling arena. One thing is certain your guests will never get bored!

Two wine cellars

Not one but two wine cellars come with this property and we can safely assume that they are not filled up with cheap plonk from the supermarket. Even the most ambitious wine connoisseur will find it a challenge to get through this massive array of quality mature wines. Then again, it might be fun trying!

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