The Apprentice to feature London property market

Award-winning BBC show The Apprentice is this evening set to feature the London property market with candidates given the task of selling mid-range and high-end properties to the city’s most discerning buyers. While many people automatically assume that selling property is relatively easy, especially with demand for London property at this moment in time, the show is set to give a very different impression.

Lord Sugar, who has an enormous London real estate portfolio, has picked a very hot topic for the stars of the BBC show to focus upon. So, what can we expect from the tonight?


There are rumours that some of the candidates struggle with the layout of certain properties amid confusing over a built-in dishwasher and a wardrobe. When you are trying to sell mid to high end properties in London this is not a good start!

One thing the show will expose is the fact that the best real estate agents make the job look very easy because they have done their homework. The chances are that those visiting a property are already seriously thinking about a purchase so in many ways you could argue it is easier to lose the sale than close the deal. Well, it looks as though candidates on The Apprentice may be about to blow this argument apart!

Sticking to the truth

Historically the real estate sector has attracted more than its fair share of rogues and criminals looking to make a fast buck. However, there have been major changes in regulations over the last few years which have certainly cleaned up the reputation of the real estate sector.

This evening’s show is rumoured to have a section where Karen Brady, one of the advisers on The Apprentice, has to step in and correct one of the candidates attempting to sell a property. This will no doubt attract the attention of the wider media even though ongoing regulatory restrictions on those operating in the industry have tightened significantly.

Polished and articulate

The precursor to tonight’s show includes comments regarding criticism that some of the candidates received about their style and manner. It seems that some of those looking around the properties in question were not overly impressed with a number of the sales pitches. As we touched on above, natural real estate agents seem to have a polished and articulate air about them which we often take for granted. However, it looks as if they will receive something of a boost this evening as those looking to make it big in the business arena struggle with their property sales pitches.


A number of us assume it is very easy to sell property, especially when you bear in mind many are already partly sold before potential buyers arrive, but this evening’s episode of The Apprentice is set to give a very different impression. If anything the role of real estate agents has been shown to be more difficult than many had assumed. If the precursor to the show is correct it will certainly make interesting viewing!

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