Marouane Fellaini puts Cheshire mansion on the market

Former Everton football star Marouane Fellaini, now playing for rivals Manchester United, has placed his Cheshire mansion on the market with an asking price of £2.3 million. This is a footballer who is as famous for his hairstyle as he is for his performance on the pitch – which has made him a multimillionaire. Cheshire is a very popular area for footballers with nearby Alderley Edge frequently quoted as the area in which most champagne is consumed in the UK. So, what would you get for £2.3 million if you bought Marouane Fellaini’s mansion?

Something different about this mansion

Before we look at the property in detail this mansion is like no other we have seen for some time. The property itself comes with its own leisure complex together with a four chair barbershop which we assume is frequented by the man himself Marouane Fellaini. The barbershop opens out onto an outdoor bar. We can only assume this is for entertaining his football friends, family and acquaintances. So, if you are looking for a unique selling point perhaps that is it?

History of the property

Marouane Fellaini bought the property back in 2014 for a rumoured £2 million which would equate to a decent profit if he is able to sell for £2.3 million. Despite the fact the footballer has a flamboyant personality the decoration in the property is described as modern and tasteful. The property also comes with a football pedigree prior to Marouane Fellaini with 1966 World Cup winner Alan Ball a former owner.

There are already rumours that Marouane Fellaini could be leaving Manchester United this summer and moving back overseas.

Dining /living room area

While many footballers are ridiculed for their “bad taste” the same cannot be said of the Manchester United football star. The dining/living area is open plan, exquisitely decorated and has an eye-catching spiral staircase leading upstairs. The tiled floor gives this particular area a very clean, spacious and relaxing feel.

Luxurious bedroom

One of the most eye-catching elements of the sales literature and photographs is the open plan bedroom which has an array of relaxing shades of colour. There is also a delicately placed and secluded Jacuzzi with two washbasins, perfect for a couple in a hurry. Everything in this property is subtle but eye-catching, innovative but so practical.

Swimming pool

It will come as no surprise to learn that this property has its own swimming pool which is 10 m x 5 m, heat retaining and chlorine free. One interesting factor is the childproof alarm which is activated when the pool is not in use – perfect for families.

Guest wing

We can only assume that Marouane Fellaini has his fair share of guests as there is a very impressive two-storey annexe for visitors. This area has its own fitted kitchen together with a solid oak staircase and is decorated in a similar style to the rest of the property.

Why is he selling the property?

Looking at the property and the pictures made available by the estate agent we doubt there are many people who would not like to live in a house like this. It is spacious, relaxing, exquisitely decorated with eye-catching attention to detail. We have seen many celebrity properties over the years and we are certain this one will not require the hard sell!

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